Saturday, August 6, 2011

garage sale at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Seaward Ave Bradford PA

It was a nice warm day to step out into pouring rain, in vinyl raincoat, to check out the books available at a church rummage sale advertised in the Bradford Era newspaper.

Retracing steps made yesterday in today's rain downpour showed sidewalks as conduits for rainwater that sometimes bypassed open street-drains!  The '300' block Jackson Avenue also showed a few hillside properties that channeled rainwater runoff directly onto sidewalk using PVC pipes, from sloped yards nearly perpendicular to that walkway across the street from ARG.

Below:  for those curious about the 'Fisher' presence in Bradford PA, Fisher Inn is shown alongside E Main St; Fisher Avenue at corner Euclid Ave and at Homestead Ave also shown, near Dresser Manufacturing Company premises, and at corner E Main Street

Above:  cracked concrete porch, E Main St near General Roofing Company premises

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