Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Skydiving quadriplegic plunges to death in Montana

Skydiving quadriplegic plunges to death in Montana

It seems that post-age-25 amputees are now falling out the sky, rather than maintaining their cool during assisted-flight maneuvers.

As a student in Bradford PA public schools, I remember reading a book in the high school library that stated the optimum age to be married/wed/espoused as age 28, and must wonder whether other readers are at work trying to 'enforce' that sentence.

As already reported to the FBI, a telephone call-demand influence-network has been operational during past decades which uses a script that includes the question, "What do you think___________should do?"  --  a sort of trick question that sends people out to engage in activities such as the one described in the Internet-linked article.

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