Monday, January 24, 2011

what has come to pass

It's +/- -20 degrees F here in Bradford PA  --  that's +/- 20 degrees below zero  --  following a hunting season during which a huge bear was killed among all others killed in the region.  Boys have also been pictured in local mass media as deer killers following a contest presented with the Bradford Era newspaper as a separate competition sheet, with direct hits to ungulate chests (sadly, deer often 'stamp' their hooves on common trails with people, a reflex movement occasioned by walking or running in hard-pack wintertime snow).  Physical removal of a forestland boulder during past decade to UPB campus has caused confusion among wildlife and human inhabitants alike, both in this northwestern PA region and beyond.

A young couple appeared at this apartment doorway in the late morning, certainly not dressed for -20 degrees F weather  -- one carrying small furnace parts that were not needed (male), the other claiming to be civil-defense team member checking premises for fugitives presence (female)  --  both clad in crew-neck sweatshirts and lightweight pants.

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