Wednesday, January 12, 2011

more wintertime sights in Bradford PA

Photo:  railroad tracks near Hilton and Forman Streets, new locomotive with aging cargo cars.

o  At the library:  BAPL's Hanley Collection boasts many international-theme titles and subjects; today, however, the preface to Memorable Balls (edited by  James Laver, illustrated by Derek Verschoyle c. 1954) gives some indication that the themes may have been inspired by a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle, " is a significant fact that nearly all "memorable balls" of history have taken the form of some kind of masquerade...".  The content-imagery preserved within the oracle-bead artifact is often layered as categories of memories and/or 'shades' of significant others viewable within the waxy/gel orb, all near-microscopic size.

Photo:  face-slicer signs alongside Davis Street at Boylston Street intersection, looking southward beside USPO

Photo:  Bennett Brook, bridge railing in city Callahan Park

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