Saturday, January 1, 2011

looking forward to...crosswalk mayhem?

>  Classes resume sessions at School Street Elementary School soon  --  suddenly without STOP sign previously at corner N Center and Pleasant Streets more than 40 years!  A crossing-guard is already assigned to the intersection, always busy post-school-hours and space-compromised during the snowy/slippery winter months.

> describes incident, titled 'Bfd Woman Charged in Stabbing', "...on Cole Avenue...".  At least two people with internal-handicapped pins are known to be active in the area (not far from BRMC), including vehicle use.  One 'sent' in to this Pleasant Street household to 'help' clear out excess belongings last January visibly was injured further (his hand) while exiting a door; a similarly-handicapped next-door neighbor known to suddenly exit that premises can be said to have further compromised space 'witnessing' the bloody injury on this property (all workers were backed into the garage, where neighbor followed).

A few weeks afterward, while walking up Center Street (south to north), the injured 'helper' was seen to drive his car up the street behind me and turn onto a side street below Cole Avenue, where multiple people exited a home there and the injured driver came to a stop bouncing off and scraping the streetside curb, a half dozen streets below his 'witness'.  Handicapped people often 'spot' each other, but the results might be more not less injurious to some.

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