Saturday, January 1, 2011

direct diagonal to archaeological site

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Degolia PA and its archaeological site can be directly sighted as a diagonal view over mountaintop due southeast from Clarks Lane in Bradford PA.

The tiny waxy/gel artifact oracle-bead chronicle in its placement at ground-level between limestone roadside-rest/monument base and soil contains historical memory-images of regions throughout the planet; one sub-set that can be grouped from the strand of preserved content-images has already been transmitted (mental telepathy) within past social settings as 'palm trees of the world'.  The mucousal-artifact contains images of ancient/historical Philippines (now a cluster of islands in the south Pacific Ocean).

So why 'direct diagonal' viewpoint from Clarks Lane to archaeological site?  Clark Air Force Base has been operational in the Philippine Islands, where at least one volcano has been active during recent past decades.  The word 'Philippines" can be dissected with knowledge of the mucousal-artifact in mind:  sticky beads of pitch that ooze from pine/conifer trees can be said to be analogous with mucous that oozes from human nose and eyes when stressed; 'lips' to a certain necessary extent are active when the voice-strip is struck into the waxy/gel oracle-bead with human sound-vocalizations and breath; whereas certain chemical/temperature-stage 'Ph' is necessary and changes during individual formation of the waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle within the nose and nasal cavities of its maker; the oracle-bead has been found in its placement on a grassy hillside section of mountain range.  Plus, birds (including songbird 'lark') may be the primary other-species-linkage that transmits oracle-bead content-imagery through the air from place to place and from genetic-pool to genetic-pool.

So there you have it.

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