Monday, January 3, 2011

the how and why of it all

Above photo:  corner Williams at Davis Sts, rusting stop-sign base.  Below, yet another disposable-lighter drop seen first between vehicles in the parking lot at the U. S. Post Office addressed Boylston Street.
Below photo:  crosswalk potholes between Kennedy St corners at Jackson Avenue near the Learning Center school.

this appears in my AOL e-mailbox without reason or explanation [not an advertisement from me].

And...  snowmelt/thaw temperatures reveal 'Big Lots' bag with infant-diaper remains as dropped during past weeks, on 'heinous house' grassy slope beside stairsteps addressed Pleasant Street near Pearl Street here in Bradford PA.  Sunny snow-melt period also shows other items 'lost' in previous heavy snowfall and bitter winds  --  the usual hats and gloves, snuff-can containers and bottles but also seen are a snow/ice-scraper again visible on Pleasant Street sidewalk/driveway as busses chug past daily, and a bag of chicken parts uncovered in a snowdrift at corner Bank and Pearl Streets (near recent house-demolition site).

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