Friday, January 28, 2011

W. Bradford trudge, Pennsylvania

Bundled and trudged from Pleasant Street to Abbott Lane to Callahan Park where desktop PC-processor seen lying in perpetual garbage bin beside parking lot.  Vehicle-ford area between Bradford Area High School and Poplin Avenue completely covered with ice/snow, Bennett Brook waterstream running beneath.

BAPL not crowded.  Tun'a Creek waterflow beneath East Washington Street bridge, area nearest former delicatessan, completely (and deceptively) covered with ice/snow.

Train  --  locomotive pulling multiple cargo cars  --  moving northward on tracks beside TOPS Markets, cars bearing rounded graffiti very similar to graffiti seen at Sixteenth/Folsom Streets intersection and in Warm Water Cove Park, both in San Francisco CA.

Note:  Dollar General store at corner Davis/Boylston Street really should have a shopping-cart shelter.

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