Monday, May 31, 2010

BBF (By Brute Force)

City park environs show perennial trees including playground tree bent southward and scythe-like tree nearby parking lot.

Twisted roots and expanded root system along west side South Avenue nearby Route 219 Bypass entry&discharge zone remind to 'get a grip' through Bradford Township environs beside traffic flow.

Maple seeds drop on Tuna Valley Trail lie upon well-pounded dirt, stone & clay State Road environs.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

a Sunday afternoon walk to the park

Nearby Callahan Park is a small gem of a city park in Bradford PA; however, while walking homeward from the park another altered street sign was seen at corner of West Washington Street and Bennett Street.

Penalty! Vinyl production cut short

During the first week of April 2010, an 'instant message' reminder was sent to local radio station here, explaining that they should be "aware that the entertainment industry has been mass-distributing "great music" as a misuse of 'freedom of the press'..."  --  "great music" being a phrase found on the website home page.  WESB radio station was initiated during the first half of the 20th Century, within the same time frame as mass distribution of a clearly-artistic children's magazine titled Highlights that features a character named 'Tommy Timbertoes'.

That the oil gusher in Louisiana, from platform-pipe operation located in the Gulf of Mexico, 'prevents' the use of such oil to mass produce vinyl for a recording industry that clearly disregards truth-in-advertising laws in favor of its own interpretation of 'freedom of the press' means that oil pouring freely from oil-industry equipment must be cleaned up by its acquisitor, said to be British Petroleum no doubt directed in the present time headlong into that region's oil-drilling culture  --  now demonstrating a major lesson about the balance of nature and the abilities of foreign interests.  This Bradford, Pennsylvania, area in McKean County is in historical-print-records as location of the world's first oil refinery  --  also located very nearby an oracle-bead archaeological site, said oracle-bead (resembling a drop of petroleum jelly or other gel-type substance) sheltered beneath a limestone roadside-rest monument surrounded by what is now a streamside cemetery installation.

It can be ascertained that both radio station and children's magazine purpose in part have been a response to  trickles of information passed along from and about the oracle-bead site, without (say) requirement that a local Tommy really dig in and 'pop' the limestone covering off the artifact oracle-bead as some kind of public service lacking archaeological-profession controls and safeguards.  The first image of a coiled strand of many preserved memory-images can be perceived at the surface of the oracle-bead as a 'speck'-size baby-palm-tree (observable as a full-grown tree at the base of 'Hippie Hill' in San Francisco, CA) preserved within waxy/gel substance, located within Allegheny Mountains watershed that flows into the Mississippi River.

Will 'Radio Free Europe'?  Apparently not.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

seems to be... McKean County:  Midtrail posie TVT; animal track TVT; sewerline cap in ditch along South Avenue, Bradford Township PA; battery drop, open-air market, South Bradford PA; roadside shale, Minard Run Oil Company, S Bfd PA; and uncapped mid-street waterpipe, Mechanic Street in city of Bradford PA, near Grace Lutheran Church.

Drone crew blamed in Afghan civilian deaths - Topix

Drone crew blamed in Afghan civilian deaths - Topix

Gee, only a week or so ago an e-mail message was sent to the FBI describing the effects of product-development scheme activity initiated among children -- one such scheme being an obvious intent to imprint individual children who were expected to 'invent' and use dog-washing machines (various types, no doubt) and who died speechless in droves after receiving "Will you...?" telephone calls about such use communicated as use of household laundry machines.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

other roadway sights, South Avenue in Bradford Township, PA

Other roadway sights May 25, 2010 along South Avenue, moving southward on foot from Bradford, Pennsylvania, include a dropped or discarded shoe; cloud-cover approach to the village of Degolia, looking eastward from west side South Avenue; another lettered 'Jamestown Iron Works' sewerline cap in a west side lawn; small pieces of shale observable not far from Cline Oil Company; examples of trickle-down  drainage pipes that send water from west-side lawns into roadside ditches; cattail (or bullrush) plants uncharacteristically found at the side of Route 219 along the east side approach to Village of Degolia; and east-side cemetery installation surrounding original roadside-rest site, both sections seen on both sides of Minard Run Road nearby waterstream, at intersection junction.

Vehicular traffic was frequent and moved steadily from the Route 219 Bypass that directs traffic past downtown Bradford PA both north- and southward, and consisted of cars, motorcycles, SUVs, large tanker and semi-tractor-trailer trucks, as well as school and regional transit buses.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

evening tide

The difference between yesterday evening's 9:00 p. m. moon and 10:00 p. m. visibility is indeed pronounced, as seen from the same viewing angle within back apartment, Pleasant Street in Bradford PA.

yesterday's walk, moving toward Degolia PA

The west side of South Avenue in the City of Bradford PA has an elevated sidewalk; however, pedestrians must be prepared to rely upon forestside loft to safely navigate the multi-media walkway that is lost altogether in some places and merely sags in others, whereas some sections are newly rebuilt.  Other streets that intersect with South Avenue within city limits extend directly down the mountainside, steeply, to Congress Street (that is the 'low road' to Degolia, High Street being another & longer mountainside route, through Aiken PA).

sunny and bright, walk not flight

Yesterday's hike along South Avenue toward and to Degolia PA was the perfect after-winter pick-me-up.  South Avenue from Main Street Mercantile Bradford PA is the shortest direct route to Degolia; while trudging into Degolia at the village-name sign, two yellow-and-orange excursion buses lettered with Asian writing passed by on Route 219 driving into Bradford, followed by two dump-trucks with yellow-painted cabs.

A large tree bearing large fungus jutted toward South Avenue along a forested section.  A yellow lighter lay discarded on the east side berm of South Avenue not far from the Bradford Journal offices; an oily rag lay at the driveway entrance to the Holiday House motel a short distance from the South Bradford open-air market situated near an automobile dealership and car-wash.  Minard Run Oil Company and a Masonic Temple are also addressed on South Avenue moving into Degolia, just south from the corner of westside Songbird Road.  The motel is in the process of renovation.  Only slightly startling was a young woman with an empty baby stroller seen while passing by the market during the return walk to Bradford, the market filled mostly with flowers and veggie-sets.

The Tuna Valley Trail  --  also mapped as a State Road, with 'Stop' signs  --  extends from South Bradford to Lewis Run through Degolia directly beside the cemetery installation (and through Cline oil company property).  The trail is largely dirt with some small stones, except at the trailhead along Owens Way where a mix of asphalt and cement leads through a tunnel beneath the Route 219 bypass.  Photos show a collapsed caterpillar common to the region in the Springtime; a collapsed small salamander, and a dead meadow vole.  Chipmunk remains were removed from the South Avenue roadway during the return walk to downtown Bradford, whereas a live chipmunk had been seen crossing the road during the earlier walk to Degolia.  Many live caterpillars were plucked from hot asphalt and tossed into roadside grass.

In the past and to some lesser extent at the present time, bears were known to frequent the Minard Run waterstream area where the Tuna Valley Trail is now formally marked.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

politics as usual

This past Thursday was a busy day.  The 'Used Book Sale' which benefits Newspapers in Education program from participating Bradford Era newspaper publisher was presented at a Main Street location formerly the Salvation Army Thrift Store (also known as the 'Booth Family Center', painted on the outside of the storefront; many await a 'Lincoln at the Seashore' literary series to explain the assassination and abate the periodic targeting of the Booth family).  The sale was scheduled Thursday 5/20 - Saturday 5/22 and I was able to pick up a half-dozen used books, including one titled, Pirates and Buried Treasure by Jack Beater.

More photos of  'views toward Degolia PA' were made from downtown Bradford, including some from Elm Street and South Avenue.

under the lamplight

Other reasons to save the little sauce cups from Chinese-style restaurant take-out meals include use as final resting places for specimen exoskeletons.

This deer fly exoskeleton is an example of the type; the living fly (a bit smaller) clung patiently to an inside apartment door to be released into the springtime air.  The fly had entered the apartment a few days ago with one leg enmeshed in a bit of spider silk, which was dropped behind a gas-line heater.

Sunday Best

Three roadside city cemeteries are located along West Washington Street just outside Bradford, Pennsylvania  --  none directly bordering a waterstream.  The county population who keeps watch over these cemeteries takes pride in their upkeep and appearance, feeling quite superior to other residential populations who must keep watch over streamside cemeteries in the region.  In addition, the cemetery installed around the Degolia PA artifact site, consisting of limestone roadside-rest that covers waxy/gel oracle-bead chronicle, is thought to be somewhat unscrupulous since most onlookers believe that the rare artifact history-bead is simply an old dead egg or some other kind of tissue discard.

However, one of the cemeteries located along West Washington Street is slowly backing up behind a local elementary school, and Willow Dale Cemetery located beside W. Washington St. Extension is situated directly above a pond that empties into a creek across that roadway (with a veterinarian's office addressed very nearby).

Photos taken in 2006.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wanted: Experienced Plumber, Gulf Coast Region - Politics - Blogcritics

Wanted: Experienced Plumber, Gulf Coast Region - Politics - Blogcritics

The Gulf of Mexico is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River (easy so far, learned it in elementary school); however, the Allegheny River watershed empties into the Mississippi River way up north near the Great Lakes (most specifically, Lake Erie), where a tiny mucousal oracle-bead artifact is covered with a limestone roadside-rest/monument directly beside a small waterstream 'run' in McKean County, Pennsylvania. As one of the world's most unusual watershed areas, the Allegheny River watershed's aquatic wildlife continuously transmits the historical content-imagery preserved within the waxy/gel artifact oracle-bead, as do land-dwelling creatures (hence the yearly Groundhog Day focus in PA). Must be so sorry I blogged about turtles in the Tun'a Valley area.

A Bill of Rights for Facebook Users

A Bill of Rights for Facebook Users

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what mechanical writing is and isn't

Most people, innocently enough, believe that 'mechanical drafting' is one person's individual design inscribed on some sort of material such as paper, using tools specifically created to depict that person's thinking.  Then in theory multiple individuals can collaborate and share their individual designs to create one all-encompassing useful design.

However,  within the realm of organized crime, mechanical writing and drawing can be anyone's design communicated into the tool-holder's brainwaves, who then does the writing/drawing and is thereafter assumed to be the originator, simply by dint of having tools-in-hand.  Such activity is prevalent today and in the past; truth-in-advertising laws have not abated it.

The website Recording Industry vs the People gives examples of lawsuits initiated using hearsay and mechanical writing to really pinpoint individuals believed to be noncognizant about laws  --  in reality, the mechanical writers who cooperate with such entrapment networking should be the ones pinpointed, especially as members of ghostwriting associations and societies.  Occult mechanical writing --  transmitting other people's thoughts and concepts onto paper  -- taxes any population since resulting confusion allows some to take advantage of others in ways that seem natural, with the most enriched designated CEO or President of a company that slowly and surely milks other people's minds, such 'responses' then pooled and used in ways that can be incredibly harmful.

Don't have any paper?  such lack is all that some people need to know to take control of individual thinking and creativity.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Celoron teen's arm partially severed in crash - Topix

Celoron teen's arm partially severed in crash - Topix

This story was presented from, Chautauqua New York which supports an arts institute within natural Chautauqua Lake environs.

just what don't you understand

...about Carnegie-Mellon not the University of Pittsburgh in PA?  Decade after decade efforts to inquire about a special-order non-shatterable jar to contain the Degolia PA mucousal oracle-bead artifact instead means continuous tracking and horrifying deaths as UP memberships are urged, goaded or demanded to seek and secure patent-rights for their school's constituency as feather-in-the-cap Business Administration strategy?  Granted, non-shatterable glass would be a beneficial product-initiation endeavor within various Pittsburgh city industries such as Pittsburgh Plate Glass, but seriously some of us choose different academic disciplines than Business Administration.

A special jar is needed to hold an archaeological artifact located here in McKean County, PA  --  and that means NO possible sharp edges if it is dropped or broken in some way.  That people are losing limbs and life itself during regional efforts to "pay back" or benefit UP --  or claim new factory-initiation territory  --  can be alleged to be an organized crime that a call-demand influence-network is perpetuating here in northwest PA/NY and elsewhere.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

today's oohs and wows

Today's Bradford Era newspaper dated 5/20/2010, page six, gives us the column 'Living with Children' title 'Rosemond:  This is not a parenting problem but a parent problem' that describes behavior seen from very young children.  One child jumps up and down in her crib (cheerleading practice or hopping mad?); another is awaiting a double-whammy toddler-age tonsil and adenoid removal procedure  --  whereupon I flash back to my own childhood and many ear-nose-throat troubles that put me in the hospital a few times, with a tonsillectomy scheduled as if those fleshy extensions were the offenders.  However, I have to give much MUCH credit to the physician called upon to do the surgery, who instead approached me alone while I was strapped to a rolling table and asked me if I wanted to have my tonsils removed.  Naturally I said "no" and more bed-rest was re-scheduled.  (Yay for Bradford Hospital!) Strep throat, as another painful example, produces beads of mucous in the throat as one indicator of incipient recovery  --  debateably one of many grief disorders.

Photos show:

Collapsed tent caterpillar on sidewalk along newly-renovated stretch of Boylston Street now featuring a new parking lot, YMCA and historic Old City Hall, as well as a church work-in-progress.  The tent caterpillar, while sharing space with birds, bees and bugs, is panned as a defoliant pest but the weblike white-fiber/silk tents in reality need not damage host leaves and trees because the caterpillars eat what they find lying around dead, same as other animals.  Boylston Street has suddenly and significantly changed, and their annual influx to some small extent is experiencing collapse in that city area.

A tiny maple-leaf seedling is sprouting from its position beside the stonework steps of the Italian-Americanization Society addressed on Marilyn Horne Way in downtown Bradford PA, nearby Veterans Square.  Queried by-mail about any descriptive brochures or other literature they might hand out, a club instead was formed.

A clay-look drainage pipe extends from a lawn addressed on School Street between Pearl and Mechanic Streets.

Another flood marker is shown at the corner of East Corydon Street and across Congress Street from the former Carnegie Library premises (now a restaurant with small private library).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Record Labels Suing Everything Good Into Oblivion - Topix

Record Labels Suing Everything Good Into Oblivion - Topix

Mob interests hurt themselves with every music recording demanded into the marketplace without adequate legal research and documentation.

Swartz: Dead oysters in St. Lucie River, water managers have no answers - Topix

Swartz: Dead oysters in St. Lucie River, water managers have no answers - Topix

A building-boom in the storm-weakened Stuart FL area, post-hurricanes, apparently did not include dike replacement.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tar found north of Stuart Beach to be tested for source - Topix

Tar found north of Stuart Beach to be tested for source - Topix

examples of the culture

The past winter months have been cold and snowy, but red-berry trees growing between library parking lot and West Washington Street, here in Bradford PA, held tight to some fruit throughout freezing temperatures  --  trees that appear to be the same variety as those growing within various areas of Stuart FL that cover sidewalks with red fruit.  Pine cones dropped from a tree growing in the Jackson Avenue area resemble cigars (or vice versa) but also (arguably) dog-walker excrement.

*     *     *    *    *

Immediate sales-marketing calls have been received as a use of new PA telephone numbers addressed, necessitating Internet website use to put such numbers on direct-marketing 'do not call' lists  --  but a call still came in yesterday, again from the Olean Times-Herald which is situated within close proximity to St. Bonaventure University, some of whose team players are said to have stabbed a number of Jamestown Community College team players recently following a get-together arranged using influence-network telephone call-demand methods.  Because these new Pennsylvania telephone numbers here have been entered into the 'do not call' list, such sales-call contact might well be another entrapment believed to 'allow' attack-calls to be made to the sales-caller as military-style information networking activity.

By the way, Olean NY and Bradford PA have a regional two-hospital agreement by which information is shared about Bradford's unique Tun'a Creek/Valley environs and Olean's local headwaters of the Allegheny River; the two cities also have agreements inked between two borderlands regional YMCA premises.

*     *     *     *     *

Last week a roll of film was taken into CVS drug store to be developed (one set of prints only); apparently during that effort a major blaze was somehow ignited in Salamanca NY that destroyed a furniture store and other business addresses within that locale (a former 'Fancher' furniture store, bearing the name of a woman who died from cancer in the Oakland CA area during her television reporter/announcer career within past decade).  A roll of clear and viewable negatives was received from CVS, but only half the roll was developed such that a return to the store/pharmacy was necessary; whereupon the work was finished (after the NY border blaze was contained and extinguished) giving me, however, three pics of one photo that shows a house with jet-run overhead.  Naturally, one pic was taken to the photographed house and left in the mailbox, but whose gift is the pic? will surely be an energy-sapping issue perhaps during the next century of regional sturm-und-drang.

Monday, May 17, 2010

the significance of battery drops

Walgreen's drug stores are widely distributed throughout CA and FL, and accept household batteries to be recycled (while local Bradford PA area drug stores do not!).  Such batteries also have the weightload heft and potential projectile function of bullets, as well as temporary function to replace certain automotive-model clips (such usage flattens the batteries).

another Friday haul from the Bradford Plaza

Water was again observed to be streaming from the waterpipe located in the Salvation Army premises driveway, although a lesser amount than seen in previous month flowing onto Jackson Avenue here in Bradford PA.

Because Parkview Market formerly addressed on West Washington St. has closed and locked its doors, other supermarkets in the Bradford area are no doubt experiencing increased shopper interest, making bag-it-yourself SavALot supermarket in Davis Street's Bradford Plaza a busy place indeed.  The wooden powerline pole shows some shredding near its base at a Davis Street neighborhood corner; other powerline poles seen to be oozing tar along West Washington Street were remedied with work attention within past week.

One lane of the Kennedy Street bridge remains barricaded, which in some ways enhances the pedestrian experience but in other ways can cause some confusion.  In general, pedestrian encounters among residents with the advantage of industrial family roots in western NY can be problematic (i.e., in terms of standard-of-living assumptions and immigrant status plus mortality rate).

Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 die after Quebec home falls in sinkhole

4 die after Quebec home falls in sinkhole

Photo shows woodlands property alongside Langmaid Lane here in PA's Bradford Township, where a wooden roadside sign (not shown) has also displayed the 'Clayton' family name nearby the entrance/exit trail.  A different area of Bradford Township houses the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, which sponsors a local literary magazine titled Bailey's Beads, edited by UPB participant named Judy Hopkins.

Years ago while residing in San Francisco, CA, the regional Safeway supermarket chain sponsored skiing trips to France in Europe, whereafter regional journalism told us that an Asian-related woman named 'Vicki' from CA died after she slid off a trail during the so-called vacation and plunged quite a distance through the air into snowpack within a mountainous region in France.  Students at local Bradford Area High School (BAHS) here in Bradford PA, present an annual 'homecoming queen' election which awarded title to French Club member and cheerleader nicknamed 'Vickie' only a few years before Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development was initiated in San Francisco, and linked with Research for Better Schools in Pittsburgh PA and Appalachia Educational Laboratory in West Virginia state among others throughout the United States.  (There is a Pittsburg city located in northern California as well.)

The journalism that describes the massive sinkhole that swallowed a French-named family's basement in Quebec, Canada also explains that the house was built not far from riverside clay beds.  Normally no one would build there, but an influence-network operation has been using telephone "Will you...?" calls that are impetus to set up risky activities both here in the U. S. and elsewhere.

..Plus, the 1490Newsblog website ( has presented an entry 4-26-2010 titled, ' Concierge Service Begins at BRMC' (BRMC being the recently-expanded Bradford Hospital premises addressed on Interstate Parkway here in Bradford PA).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

today's meanders

While walking again into the Tun'a Valley along Davis Street (where one rooftop holds thatch-type greenish-brown moss), the remains of a mammal (oops it's a deer, not a coyote described in locale media as trespasser within Oak Hill cemetery?) were found lying in the roadway near Hanley Park  --  sort of a half-pelt presentation with one ear and a few teeth  --  that had to be carefully rolled together with one foot and removed from a traffic lane.  [The remains match the description of a baby deer shown in a televised video, being defended by another deer as a black-and-white cat and a black-and-white dog circled the young creature.]

Further downslope, Springtime at a Tun'a Creek concrete access ramp no longer reveals a metal posts-and-chain barrier combination that in the past dissuaded nonnecessary access.  At the present time, an orange PVC roadway cone bobbing in the creek has hinted that perhaps some kind of square sliding-track set-up, set into tar, might anchor the newer, more flexible cones to further dissuade such access without harming any wheeled conveyances that just might roll into the creek anyway (while alleviating concerns about the temptation to place and watch shopping-cart movement into and within creek waters).

At the library (BAPL), the Bradford Journal and Miner dated 4-15-2010 presented a series of photographs taken in Callahan park, one of which claimed to show 'The Beach at Callahan', "...Bennett Brook Beach...", where a trio of young ladies actually sat on a pile of gravelly dirt at the foot-or-vehicle creek ford area of the brook where various vehicles can be driven through the creekbed water into/out from the high school parking lot.  The creekbed water is about six inches deep but holds flat rocks that cover a variety of aquatic creatures.  Weeks ago, a metal bullet-shell was found embedded in the waterline soil, where it was examined and ended up in the water among other parkgoers--an action corrected with evening TV journalism that described a robbery in Buffalo NY.

Return walk to this Pleasant Street address in Bradford PA showed yet another lengthy cigarette drop along Center St., across the street from the Choice service station.  Further upslope, yet another aged treestump alongside North Center Street seems perennial.  Not far from the corner of Pleasant St. and N Center St. is this visually impressive sewer-tunnel cover set into the sidewalk, lettered 'Jamestown Iron Works' from Jamestown NY.