Sunday, November 28, 2010

post-Thanksgiving Sunday

o  Dial-tone difficulties:  11/19/2010  No landline telephone dial-tone; restored later in day.  11/25 -11/28  No dial-tone; restored this Sunday evening.

o  First snowfall accumulation yesterday (Saturday); gunshot heard 3:50 p. m..

o  11/28/2010  --  multiple gunshots during noon-hour, first heard immediately while putting outside white feathers loose from comforter.  Walk to CVS, during which an infant diaper/discard was seen to [now] lay on the sidewalk in front of Pleasant Street 'heinous house', with Big Lots plastic-bag; and a small polished-stone memorial now appears in The Learning Center school front-yard addressed Jackson Avenue, first-name inscribed 'Matt'.  The heavy-metal small scooter (without handlebars) previously removed is again lying in the Tun'a Creek streambed just east from and below the Davis Street bridge, water rushing cold and more than a foot deep northward.  Multiple jets left aircraft trails in the atmosphere, as seen from East Bradford looking west.  Green-painted lamppost broken off at the base in front of Swanson's Fabrications addressed East Washington Street, gone.  Infant diaper in TOPS plastic-bag lying on sidewalk in front of Pearl Street address near State Street intersection.

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