Tuesday, November 2, 2010

look what's gone -- 'first frost' observations

The wire has been protruding as seen day after day since last month at least  --  the traffic-light change-button at the corner of Mechanic Street and southwest side W. Washington Street is gone.  Never easily seen as installed among other corner poles at the crosswalk, it was easy to bypass when walking or simply to stand a longer time to cross the street using traffic-light reference alone.  It's a wonder, though, whether the push-button capsule is being used elsewhere with more sinister purpose (see spate of bomb stories published in the media).

Pieces of wood seen among small rocks in Tun'a Creek below the E. Washington Street bridge appear to be parts from the furniture seen throughout past weeks, as well, in shallow waters deepened by rainstorms.

Nice-looking/sounding woman in 'Bravo' TV ad, with nose streaming typical of grief  --  another one carried away and put in front of the camera?

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