Wednesday, November 10, 2010

cool sunny day for a hike

Walk/hiked northward alongside Sullivan Road to Interstate Parkway to Hedgehog Lane to West Washington Street then returned to Pleasant Street.

Yellow and white butterflies flitted in Callahan Park.  Hedgehog Lane is a direct ascent beside the roadway alongside a mountain to the top; a mid-lengthy cigarette was seen and removed from the berm (MISTY) upslope near stands of young trees and dead brush.  Squirrels, chipmunks, black-capped chickadees and blue jays accompanied the walk up and over the mountaintop, then descent downslope to West Washington Street Extension, encountering empty drink-cups and a few cigarette packs discarded.  The rounded mountain still has large rocks once typical throughout the region.  Black Ford-company SUV with rusting underside parked outside one of the roadside-mailbox residences, downslope westside Hedgehog Lane, moving toward the Willow Dale cemetery [note:  Martin County FL Scripps newspaper organizations have in the past reported Ford-make black SUV hit-and-run incident].  Cocker-spaniel figurine gone from one of the grave-monuments  --  yay.

Photos:  upslope sights, near mountaintop moving from Interstate Parkway.

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