Monday, November 8, 2010

Pompeii collapse sparks anger over 'neglect' - RT� News

Pompeii collapse sparks anger over 'neglect' - RT� News

The Archaeological Institute of America tried -- two kinds of mail were sent out asking the membership to donate money to protect sites in Italy. How soon one site really fell might be correlated with two very different post-secondary school scenarios recently described in the mass media -- the Saint Bonaventure University trip to the Vatican, then later a student murder scandal yet addressed in Italian courts of law sez the mass media.  Ancient Pompeii in European Italy is viewable within the content-imagery of the Degolia PA mucousal-artifact oracle-bead chronicle waxy/gel sphere.

o 11/7/2010 -- Two earbud drops were observed today: one black set at the curb North Center Street between Pleasant and School Streets, and a blue set at the curb East Washington Street at Mechanic Street. A sudden house demolition seen at former Pearl Street address was later in the day seen to be rubble being loaded into a dumptruck, although Sunday, near School Street. A plastic half-filled Sobe bottle was seen lying in the middle of the sidewalk in front of the Family Dentistry office addressed Mechanic Street near Main Street here in Bradford PA.

o 11/8/2010 -- A child-sized brown mocassin was seen lying in the middle of North Center Street at Cole Avenue, during walk to BAPL, where a broken clear-glass Snapple bottle lay smashed in BAPL's parking-lot driveway entrance/exit. Looking westward from the Davis Street bridge and also elsewhere more-closely from the end of Bishop Street, the discarded now-damaged furniture previously seen prior to rainwater input now lies at a curve in the Tun'a Creek streambed, between the East Washington and Kennedy Streets bridges.

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