Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1490 NewsBlog: Six Charged for Drug Distribution

1490 NewsBlog: Six Charged for Drug Distribution


Electrical-line pole on north side Boylston Street at E Washington Street leaning toward former dentist's office addressed beside Tun'a Creek, and may eventually fall and pole-ax structure.

Asphalt deteriorating around metal drainage-grill north side W Corydon Street means deep roadside fissures; discarded white/grayish furry pelt at roadside, near other electrical-line pole northside leaning toward Tun'a Creek across from disused hillside walkway and moss-covered logs.

Diaper in TOPS Market grocery-bag seen and removed from Clark Lane near yellow caution-taped razed property at Tun'a Creek bridge; bloody meadow-vole pelt in roadway there. Collapsed/crushed woolly-bear caterpillar at intersection Clark and Langmaid Lane. Bridges over Tun'a Creek and Marilla Brook, Clark Lane, now have red-painted barriers; cracks in bridge support stonework remain as settled during regional bus-line traffic.

Two dilapidated homes yet standing northside W Washington Street at Taylor Lane and UPB campus area. Two BudLight brown beer bottles southside W Washington St roadway in grassy lot near St. Bernard's Elementary School and Cemetery; two athletic shoes dangling from overhead electrical wires spanning same street just past cemetery. Standard AA-battery-holder at W Washington and Wagner Streets.

Disposable lighters at roadside along Langmaid Lane and West Washington Street.

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