Friday, November 19, 2010


o  November 18, 2010  --  Gunshots at intervals, beginning at 4:00 p.m., audible within West Bradford environs here in Bradford, Pennsylvania.

o  Today, gunshot heard approximately 4:05 p.m., same area.

Nancy Grace TV show addressing the incidents involving the Maynard family in OH; surname one female former Drill Team performer here at Bradford Area High School games during the early 1970s, also recent male pacemaker death across the NY State line.  With regard to hollow trees, there was a partially-hollow apple-tree growing in the back yard of adjacent property to this Pleasant Street home decades ago where large white grubs could be found (the type that metamorphasize into shiny black beetles); the tree was cut down when UPB assumed control of the area near their Hamsher House classrooms and faculty residences.  There has been some speculation that the beetles might be bred to use the grubs as bait. describes a shooting incident in Beverly Hills, CA, this past 11/16/2010 (my birthday) where someone named 'Ronni Chasen' is said to have been shot multiple times in her car.  Flashback again to the early 1970s, the night before a psychology-class exam at UPB, when I was carried away from Bradford here to Limestone NY by an ongoing neighbor/classmate as some kind of fugitive watch; his mother (known as 'Ronnie') appeared to be already there waiting in that locale.  I had hoped the guy would eventually be free to witness the mucousal-artifact found in the opposite direction (Degolia PA) but year after year he was not free to do that, and I left the vehicle to walk back into Bradford (and wasn't chased).  I had also worked with a different female 'Ronnie' during summer employment at a local brick-making company.

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