Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday morning-to-afternoon 'straddle'

While walking from Pleasant Street downslope North Center Street toward library, yet another (slightly-rusted) metal shopping cart seen in a westside yard was rolled out (from former smoke-signal area?!) and I pulled it on Cole Street sidewalk to parking lot now-closed Parkside Market addressed West Washington Street, where empty cart-corrals are clearly lettered with sign prohibiting cart removal from premises...then could continue to BAPL, making note of broken clear/lettered glass bottle in street curbside between S. Bennett St. and Bennett Brook.

Picked up photo prints ready at CVS; then returned to Callahan Park area after picking up glass fragments, placed bagged glass pieces in dumpster at beer distributor at corner Poplin Avenue.  Walked through parklands to Boss Avenue, then northward along Sullivan Road to 'other' Interstate Parkway junction, then returned southward along IP where an empty insulin bottle  --  'Made in Germany'  --  was found partly buried in berm soil and I placed it on metal guardrail not far from volunteer firefighter premises.  Purple bug-box gone.  Also made photo of small dead bird lying roadside along IP just south from Sullivan Road southerly merger.  Ascended Abbott Road beside BRMC premises, where orange milk-crate is yet lying in grass beneath streetsign, and returned to Pleasant Street home.

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