Sunday, September 19, 2010

more theories that jibe with oracle-bead existence

The Fall 2010 issue of American Archaeology arrived a few days ago, and with an article titled 'The Clovis Comet Controversy' that refers to "remarkable events..could...have been caused by an extraterrestrial impact".  Perhaps intended to bolster the NASA Space Administration payrolls, one theory outlines the possibility of meteorite or comet impact with regard to "the presence of s so-called black mat, a layer of organic a number of sites, it overlies the remains of mammoths or other megafauna".

With knowledge about a mucousal oracle-bead chronicle in its placement beside a roadway, however, there is also the possibility that other-species linkages extending to and from that artifact site as a sudden movement-and-effect caused a cataclysm such as the Mississippi River flowing backward (i.e., the extraterrestrial impact), and that the "black mat" has been formed as the other-species linkages searched the North American continent (and beyond) to find the places shown within the strand of content-memory-images preserved within the oracle-bead.

Included within the discrete content-imagery preserved within the oracle-bead artifact are images of ancient beasts and hominids, some of which have been found and excavated as the work of people such as Louis Leakey.

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