Friday, September 24, 2010

It's autumn -- time for some seasonal photos in Degolia PA

Very nice day to hike  --  removed a small blue-knit baby-bootie from Main Street across from McDonald's restaurant after returning a Dollar General shopping-cart from the Bank/North Center Streets area, that was lying in a lot where a large brick building has been recently demolished.  Proceeded southward along Chestnut Street to Sears, then continued until street's end at backside Zippo Manufacturing 'other' premises addressed Congress Street where a glob of wild-cherry-seed feces matched those found in Pleasant Street garage.

Continued toward Degolia PA to make seasonal photos, walking along railroad tracks with splintered wooden ties and metal spikes lying in new gravel, that extends behind such businesses as Desoto Holiday House (shown, 'wishing well') in South Bradford and the farmer's market there until ending at Owen's Way where [this] one of the Tuna Valley Trails extends southward through Degolia and beyond (Route 219 visible upslope), amid pools of standing water that line TVT at intervals alongside tracks/trail.  Saw flattened brownsnake/skin lying on Trail, then small brownsnake collapsed further southward (handcarried to trailside rivulet-size waterstream from asphalt); removed living dirt-crusted earthworm from sunny trail to foliage.  A lone person approached South Bradford moving northward.  Frogs jumped from trailside waterstream edges to join tadpoles; eagles soared overhead and crows sounded.

Reached Degolia, Pennsylvania, cemetery installation at Minard Run Road and made photos, some monuments snug up against tree trunks.  Family work-crew/gravesite visitors suddenly arrived and began mowing and weedwacking atop the cemetery turf around a curbside (!?) grave memorial.  Returned to Bradford northward on same Trail, with one male approaching and passing toward the south, then reversing his steps to pass and return northward.  Decided to follow off-trail dirt/grass roadway to shallow edge of creek after reaching Trail overpass tunnel, where S. R. roadway 'must' stop at Owen's Way bridge with overpass lanes fenced.  Returned to TVT-designated  tunnel with cast-off TOPS Market bags and an empty brown beer bottle, where male on bicycle seen at Owen's Way, then walked through South Bradford alongside South Avenue, stopping at the Crosby's store to inquire about bus schedules to Olean NY.  A number of large white socks were seen near tunnel and along Congress Street.

Continued to reach Congress Street sidewalks and grassy park, to rest in the sunshine.  Dropped off recyclable grocery bags and trash at TOPS containers, then left roll of film at CVS.  'Participated' in Fish Fry Fridays and saw a small blue toddler-size sandal in a store doorway along Main Street while moving toward Mechanic Street.  Returned to Pleasant Street home.

During hike period, made photos of two significant-sized oil-industry pipes visible south from Bradford city:  (1) active and 'danger'-posted pipeline-and-valve assemblage observable in moving-waterfilled ditch along Owens Way just a short distance east from South Avenue/Songbird Road intersection, across from Emery/Blaisdell Tuna Valley trailhead and Minard Run Oil Company, below leveled lot holding many large tractor-trailers such that dirt/soil slump overhangs the ditch (shown); and (2) slightly deteriorated forestland pipe plus tank beside TVT just south from Cline Oil Company premises.  Entire area under close observation.

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