Monday, September 13, 2010

an amazing coincidence?

o  The Bradford Era newspaper dated 9/11/2010 provides 'Another Era' entry on page four, "...100 Years Ago:  Robert Kear, a young man found on the street in a dazed condition by the police, was taken to Bradford Hospital but is unable to tell much about himself except that he is a machinist and his home is in Rochester, New York."

The Topix website 'newswire' entries for Olean, New York, last week include 'Police Close to Identifying Mystery Man', 'Do you recognize this man?' and 'Police Look for Help Identifying Mystery Man' that describe a man found "wandering" "between Portville and Olean NY""who doesn't know who he is".

o  The 'short-walk' through Callahan Park this early afternoon showed two concrete barriers moved to flank the Bennett Brook vehicular ford area leading to/from Poplin Avenue in/out from the Bradford Area High School parking lot, with yellow tape extended from one barrier to the other.  Twin potholes are obvious as located nearby the park maintenance sheds within the Callahan Park parking lot.  The waterstream ford area showed an unusual sight  --  a single green leaf covered within air-bubbles as the shallow brook flowed between rocks around it.

o  As seen during past months since January 2010 return to the city of Bradford, PA, 'Brennan Street' has been changed to 'Roberts Street', addresses in the past tolerating a smelly and gunky oil-well rig now fenced, both fencing and equipment now painted green at the intersection with High and East Main Streets.  A few years ago a friar from Saint Bonaventure University in New York State was found drowned in the Allegheny Reservoir at the NY/PA state-line, during a fishing trip, contemporary with the McKean County, PA,'Take a Vet Fishing' program.

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