Saturday, November 29, 2008

name-use schemes - the "10 years after" deaths

Yesterday's Martin County, FL edition of the 'Hometown News' gives page A2 obituaries that show the names of age-65+ decedents all born in the same general northeastern Canada-New York-New Jersey region, one the afore-mentioned elections-department manager televised using Palm Beach TV station broadcast not a long time ago. The listing reports the latter as having died in hospice -- certainly a sudden change from Martin County employment and celebrity status.

Each of the four decedents bears one or both family names ('first' and surnames) that match in some way or another family names of basketball team members from McKean County, PA, who won a District Nine Championship Title from Pennsylvania decades ago.

Two years ago (the autumn of 2006), a telephone call was made to a Palm Beach television station tip-line so as to describe the lack of mall/plaza sidewalk entryways from roadside sidewalks near age-55+ condominium complexes. Only asphalt roadway entrance is possible as pedestrian activity and is a hazardous sharing of the roadway with vehicular traffic.

With so much already known about the harmful effects of media over-exposure, it's a wonder why the 67-year-old gent with his walker device was the one to be broadcast at work in the Martin County Elections office, when a pre-existing real issue of hazardous pedestrian entry to shop at mall/plaza supermarkets and other stores could have easily been addressed with a photo-sweep of the SE Ocean Boulevard riverside area here in Stuart, FL -- unless he was known to have witnessed the efforts of pedestrians to safely enter the malls/plazas. Now he cannot testify about what he witnessed, and neither can the others.

Friday, November 28, 2008

't is

It's that time of the year, to more publicly peddle audio recordings that have simply been seized and mass-produced within record factories for the marketplace -- thereby continuing that insidious mental illness that results from misuse of the "freedom of the press" as if the ethic is a law.

That all music recordings should be routed into some kind of listening-library makes both legal and mental-health sense, but the unabashed peddling of any and all music in the public marketplace is an organized crime made possible only with the help of para/military populations to whom copyright registrations are legal simply if they are not -- can not -- be opposed.

The website 'Recordingindustryvsthe' provides summaries of accounts of contemporary lawsuits that pit an uncontrolled domestic recording industry, represented by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), against individuals who are believed to have violated copyright laws in some way, usually during Internet file-sharing. That the recording industry routinely violates copyright laws using "freedom of the press" to write themselves into paper-work as copyright holders must be repeatedly pointed out as more than simply an "original sin" of the entertainment industry as a whole.

Meanwhile, TV broadcasts openly hawk music collections as compilation-reissues and new 'finds' claimed so as to generate paychecks for recording-industry workers and administrators while the mental health and physiological well-being of the nation as a whole is routinely compromised.

'Special' edicts intended to protect all over-65 retirees (using the term "senior citizen") from grievous harm are also obviously intended to shield those recording-industry participants who have been using "freedom of the press" to fill out copyright forms for their companies with intent to mass-produce and sell any and all original music that comes to their attention -- that, rather than turn any and all 'finds' over to the police until such time as their origin can be accurately ascertained.

The misuse of "freedom of the press" is an ongoing sociopolitical problem that affects performers and audiences personally and in ways that are contagious among the overall citizenry population.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sickening slaughter

Many of us were required to learn about William Bradford from public-school history books, who was/is an historical figure credited (or debited) with the First Thanksgiving in North America as the holder of a musket and gunshooter of a turkey then used as a meal with Atlantic-coast "Indians".

Apparently this historical event is commemorated each year with annual "hunting seasons" that specify which species can be targeted and killed -- although 'hunting' as a word does also refer to the search to find and carry away creatures already dead in the forestlands.

'National Parklands' were concurrently established as a way to provide sanctuary for blameless creatures and also as recreational areas for people to congregate. Within the past five decades, the intent to expand some Scouts of America training camps to full-service parklands was inevitably communicated to wildlife, which have been necessarily reacting to the space constraints of the encroachment (as example, a child harmed during conflict near a waterhole in TN).

To add some bit of countermeasure to such reaction, a large rock upon which wild creatures would in the past relax and sun themselves within close proximity to such a training camp in PA was removed and placed in a sinkhole on the grounds of the University of Pittsburgh campus at Bradford, PA (UPB), where a continuous confusion of wildlife is now exploited with concomitant continuous slaughter during the scheduled "hunting seasons" and also occasionally when the creatures 'trespass' on city or private lands. Sometimes those are pushed onto the properties of firearm holders or into a direct "line of fire" during hunting season, not altogether a difficult task when directing the creatures southward as a direction toward which they normally migrate anyway during the wintertime.

This year, a woman is missing from Ashville, last seen at an automobile dealership in Jamestown, New York (reference: bearing the same surname as a 67-year-old man in Martin County, FL, who directed the recent Presidential elections in the region (reference: Palm Beach, FL, television broadcast). The missing woman has not yet been found in that now-snowy northeastern United States region, and an article this week posted in the Bradford Era newspaper/ website reports about an 'Above average kill on opening day of bear season', of "...111 bruins, 93 from McKean County, PA..." where the UPB campus is located, at the state line with New York. Another such article was titled, 'Potter County leads first day bear harvest', as "The top...with 152...".

As a slaughter continued because the various species continue to focus upon and move toward 'The Rock' in Bradford Township, there is perhaps some reason to suspect that the disappearance of the missing woman might have occurred as a way to justify the firearm action in a region whose populations must survive knee/waist-deep snowfalls and extreme temperatures in some ways normally buffered by bears hibernating or ranging about in the forests to find frozen carcasses.

Since firearm discharges and firecrackers are also used to warn people in the region from time to time as a way to ensure the safe operation of an oil refinery, some sympathy for the confused and directly-hit at close range wildlife is entirely justifiable.

Monday, November 24, 2008

bog blather

o Ahhh... Having googled 'lobster roach' and consulting a number of different websites, their version of 'lobster roach' is nothing whatsoever the same as the creature I saw. The websites give the scientific name as 'Nauphoeta cinera' "aka speckled roach" -- brown beetles that are very similar to any other roach but "do not fly".

The creature that I saw came running out of a boggy thicket near the St. Lucie River here in Stuart, FL using many legs; it was about three inches long and an inch wide, carrying a perfectly rectangular chitinous exoskeleton and was white, matching only the sand in the soil and at the roadside. The extremely visible exoskeleton resembled exactly the underside of a lobster tail, with dense composition and tough ridges spaced about a half- inch apart. If not a metamorphic phase of the regional spiny lobster, it is perhaps a midway stage of hermit crab protective covering -- i.e., a crab that carries a cast-off lobster-tail 'shell' then switches to univalve seashell.

No one is telling me anything.

o Another mystery cigar on the cement lining of the Walgreen's parking lot addressed at the corner of SE Monterey Road and SE Ocean Boulevard here in Stuart, FL, near the drive-through pharmacy entryway (his vote made real?).

o Another angle investigatible about the number of child deaths may be non-public competition to 'broker' the youngest-aged paycheck as a type of family/cultural competition. Yet another may be the wish to teach children to "witness" changes in their environments -- perhaps with intent to socially engineer "witness protection" -- with the result that small children are guided into the paths of other moving people, sometimes with tragic and deadly results.

o Regional TV broadcast publicized the issue of annual school air-raid drills, where teachers, administrators, and children practice ducking out of classrooms into the hallways to lie crumpled against one wall. Judging from history textbooks and other literature, the English as originators of the classroom education system retain a real fear of more bombs dropped on them following the World War bombing of London in the United Kingdom. The anxiety among "bloodlines of teachers" is very real and is communicated to children during close, unavoidable contact.

Other teacher anxiety issues should be easily addressed by the teachers themselves, such as classroom overcrowding. However, it is possible that cartons of milk have been passed out to very young students as a way to alter the physiological responses of children rather than limit the number of children permitted to occupy any given school classroom. How weird!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

wait! those are indigenous!

The 11/22/2008 edition of the Palm Beach Post gives a front-page story titled, 'Lizards' treat a recipe for foreign invasion', that describes the sale of roaches using the Internet to feed lizards. Anyone with a Hartz Mountain childhood knows that the shed carapaces should be "going down a lizard's gullet", or naturally-dead beetles. (The same issue describes Libyans as future U. S. business investors.)
Above:  'biggie bug' insect exoskeleton [time-date stamp is wrong]

An earlier story published in the same newpaper is titled, 'CSI teaches kids with "maggot arts"'. Reminding onlookers of seeds pasted on a variety of surfaces to make pictures, the shed 'husks' of maggots-become-flies are also appropriate feeding fare.

The 'roach' story describes four kinds of such beetles commonly now sold for use as food, two thought to be foreign and one other termed the 'lobster' roach. There are a variety of large roaches near the St. Lucie River, at least one variety a very-loud buzzer, but the so-called lobster roach appears to be the exact incarnation of the underside of a lobster tail, crawling speedily around. They are white and also appear to have inspired the old-fashioned washboard, a much larger ribbed square-metal sheet, hand-held, over which dirty clothes were scrubbed. At first glance they seem to be carrying or hiding in an inverted lobster tail as protection, but the legs and organs are attached. Another name might be "mud-bug", with the definite possibility that the creatures are not really beetles but rather are a stage of a metamorphosis into a real lobster. The creature most closely resembles the segmented 'silverfish', with definite ridges topside.

The paper labels on the Campbell's 'Select Harvest' New England Clam Chowder cans give us a marketplace clue: the slogan "Real Ingredients for Real Taste". A use of roaches or other creatures that shed carapaces to feed 'pet' foreign reptiles will affect the feeding patterns of indigenous wildlife that depends upon insect/other exoskeletal fare to survive.


o Miller 'High Life, the Champagne of Beers' has continued its "Limited Edition, Fall Series" "Union Made" aluminum beer cans with a camouflage design.

o Recently, I received a packet of mail from the Teamsters Union offering a loan. Why, I don't know, maybe as a way to merchandise the killed trees as different from the toppled ones 'harvested' this year.

o The Stuart News recently published a photo of a age >five girl named 'Kaylee Allen' who is very similar in appearance to photos of missing tot 'Caylee Anthony'. A professor from the University of Pittsburgh in PA has apparently written up a recitation of possibilities about the personality of "tot-mom" Casey Anthony, with the title 'Casey Anthony: Profile of a Sociopath' viewable at website; various comments are included with the entry that agree or disagree with the 'sociopath' designation, or pen confusion. The Ancientworldbloggers. website lists 'Hugh Cayless' among its contributors.

If the indicted young woman has been hazed enough to become antisocial, there are reasons enough to articulate in the blogosphere if not in court records.

Friday, November 21, 2008

'A' is for 'Arkansas', 'B' is for "Barack'...

Hmmm. The containers holding Tofutti frozen deserts found in supermarket frozen-food cases have been changed from plastic to cardboard quite suddenly. The treats are suddenly absent from the nearest market (Milam's) to Kingswood condo complex, but a trek across two bridges to Publix Market on Hutchinson Island reveals the newest container, when totally frozen almost as hard as plastic.

The older-model fleet of 'killer trucks' (as presented in the movie titled 'The Truck' and in various newspaper death notices) has successfully completed renovation of the Sewall's Point bridge renovation and environmental landscaping project, concurrent with other taskwork accomplished such as the retaining-pond drainage and search beside Kingswood Terrace Road. Yet another retaining pond is now located at the bridge entryway on Sewall's Point to Hutchinson Island, with a high-spraying fountain, and has been surrounded with transplanted palm trees.

As another seeming absurdity, tanning beds are advertised in West Palm Beach, soon to be installed in Port St. Lucie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the Killer Industry Advantage

The Steel-making industry has become the most pervasive human activity capable of almost unimaginable harm from needles to bullets to vehicles airborne, aquatic and cross-land.

The Elliott Museum in Stuart, FL, exhibits one of the first automobiles to bear an identifying name -- the 'Impala'. There appears to be a specific mentality guiding this first-choise of vehicular nomenclature, following perhaps Custer's defeat at the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Major automakers are found working in watersheds on the fringes (the "frontiers") of the Midwest, where people and jackrabbits have some of their species' largest ears in North America -- perhaps a psychological advantage during inquisitions initiated from coastal regions where small-eared creatures are the predominant 'fit' within those 'strip' regions bounded by both an ocean and major mountain range. Perhaps inevitably, the larger-eared creatures can easily identify their small-eared counterparts with 'juvenile' characteristics, with the result that false parentage behavior guarantees morale problems among inquisitors who succeed only if defleted to Central America.

Having grown up near both Custer City and Killbuck in Pennsylvania, the spectacle of small-eared humans defying the odds in metal machines that are equated in mind and print with large-eared animals jibes perfectly with the fact of continuous reissue of the 'Impala' automobiles. That some car names fail miserably in the marketplace can be held accountable to the Biblical David-and-Goliath encounters of cross-cultural folklore.

Also, the ears of people who habitually drive motor vehicles from day-to-day over time periods of decades become creased and pointed as a result from the constant forward-looking focus, as another sociological angle that hints about the purposes of the car names.

What most people don't know is that car names assigned over time spans of decades can be traced to a handful of people who elicit/'milk' responses from one mind then poll others about that response, such that the neural pathway of least resistance is simple agreement with an 'utterance'. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the facts about car-name assignment and that such naming activity can be at times harmful; hence the 'lobby laws' now available for all to present their own viewpoints outside any prevailing industry intelligence monopolies.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

a sense of outrage and scandal

Not inexplicably, it was easy to feel offended by a TV notice repeatedly broadcast from " the Palm Beaches" weeks ago that "thousands" of KIAs were being offered during a special sale effort from one of their local automobile dealers.

In a similar vein, Palm Beach (Florida) film coverage of local 'Haunted House' installations showed a number of females in various fake-bloody poses suggestive of actual regional car-injury incidents, including one written up in the Stuart News that described a young woman who was thrown from underneath the straps of a seat-belt.

Martin County should have a drive-in theatre. Pidgin English exists with good reason.

Friday, November 7, 2008

a respectable day at the beach

Having been rudely awakened early in the morning, a short jaunt across the bridges spanning the St. Lucie River and Indian River lagoon had the destination of the Elliott Museum on Hutchinson Island. No one else was viewing the exhibits and an elderly gent gave a talk about the museum's historic automobile collection, which includes hand-crank first-starters and some early Indian-logo motorcycles. The museum also exhibits local art and examples of machine-age ingenuity.

It can be surmised that glass bottles have toppled from their perches along the concrete wall that protects the walkway from the roadway on the bridge over the Stuart Causeway; causeway barrier below the bridge also holds bottles, yet intact. A pair of colorful surf-shorts and pinholed athletic shirt in the street beside the sidewalk were small enough for a toddler, perhaps purposely causing some generalized anxiety as walkers approached the aforementioned bridge.

Today a website entry from Stuart at Jensen Beach, FL, forum, describes a search effort scheduled to find missing Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony, with campsites reserved at a KOA near that city. Local advertising inserts delivered with newspapers also show a mother and very young girl who are printed up as missing persons.

During the return hike over the two bridges, aircraft were seen performing a skywriting air show; they zoomed and rolled from and over Witham Air Field, making smoky-exhaust-origin loops in the air with synchronized flair (including the outline of a heart). The show continued from dusk to early evening darkness, and was followed with booming fireworks displays ob-servable within the Kingswood condo complex.

More tomorrow.

when schools cripple

Fighter jet plane passes sear the morning air here in north Stuart, FL, as preparations for the VNA Air Show continue apace. There is a slight pause during pass near the 'Keller Williams Realty of the Treasure Coast' building on SE Ocean Boulevard; other passes include detectable 'unload' capabilities mid-air over Kingswood condo complex, as if practicing for future Viecques Island bombing exercises in the Caribbean Sea.

Now one of the older propeller planes is soaring around the retirement complexes over Witham Field, heady with a presumed sociopolitical victory that adds extra prison time to convicted felons who harm people over age 65 although/because "equal in the eyes of the law" is the applicable ethic. And, personal power-drilling earlier this morning both handily disturbed the sleep of the severely-traumatized (post CA 'quakes among post-hurricanes here in FL) and warned of the louder action to come.

The local media has featured a different girl named 'Caylee' residing in a different state of FL region who is older than the missing Orlando toddler so publicly addressed each night during the Nancy Grace TV show and who also is handicapped. Other media stories described a boy captured and shackled who did not stay in his assigned school.

Tomorrow is the Air Show and festivities at Withham Field on the other side of Kingswood Terrace Road. Those pedestrians who behave as if the organization's VNA-lettered truck is just another vehicle passing by on the newly-renovated roadway are expected to learn different.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

the socipolitical significance of Mount Jewett, PA

This Saturday the Visiting Nurse Association's Air Show is scheduled to perform over Stuart, FL, including other festivities that require a ticket and will feature a Beer Garden and 'Dirty Flight Suit Party', as reported in today's Stuart News. The VNA has its own fairly large building here in the multi-mall area, located a short distance from the YMCA on Monterey Road.

During the past two years there have been a number of small-plane smack-downs in southern FL, including small planes that appear to have fallen from the sky into the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. Just as there is a significant use of the name 'Monterey' in California, small planes making crash landings on roadways have been reported here in FL as well.

The crashes can be linked with more damaging and spectacular phenomena such as the 9/11 World Trade Center collapse in New York with reference to a mental batch of building designs (large and small) that have been erected in a variety of environments with private intent to "corner the market" of trash-compactor sales and service. The business-scheme influence network, busy tracking their own participants and wayward mavericks, has been attempting to film those nearby the 'special' buildings.

In reality, the entire batch of structures which have been erected using a very specific occult design pool, methods and intents should be pin-mapped so as to prevent any more large- or small-scale catastrophes.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Two decades ago, during a civil service 'probationary' period at the Hall of Justice on Bryant Street in San Francisco, CA, a pile of non-filed police documents became an apparent test of the civility of the local criminal jusice system. Each few-page document had a personal handwritten note stapled on it that demonstrated the influence of some business-education books.

What remained unseen was the action of a telephone-call influence network that prompted officers to attach such notes to their inter-office communications, although normally memos were written only when necessary upon factory-printed forms. It is probable that one officer agreed to be the 'patsy' who wrote up such notes as acknowlegement of the value of business-education standards transmitted, however, in an appropriate academic setting (i. e. a school) rather than as a telephone-demand contact.

As a new hire, the challenge obviously was to in some way deal with the notes on the paperwork within the limited space of file folders and file cabinet. Since the office trash cans were cleaned daily, it seemed logical to choose contained-discard as a salvageable way to initiate dialogue about the notes and perhaps the influence networking as well; there were officers in the building 24 hours a day, seven days a week and readiness to countermand actual disposal of the notes was also apparent.

Therefore, a handful of the loopy-inked squares were ripped from stapled document corners and tossed into the clean and empty metal can while the others remained intact during the hand-sorting process. New word-processing equipment had been installed during the weeks of the civil-service probationary period, and a decision about whether the notes should be scanned onto data-disks along with the actual documents was also imminent.

Not soon but eventually, a pattern of police deaths from shootings began apace -- to many, a continuation of such confrontational results. Rather than cautionary statements made in public forum about the possibility that paperwork gliches were being used as political opportunities, population reaction to the shootings also continued in the form of hopes to be a hero and find villains, or to win a journalism prize.


Today, as if awaiting me, there was an automobile at the stoplight near the Chevron station bearing front-and-back New York state license plates.

Shouldn't boats have front-and-back license plates, too?

squelching the young

October 2008 journalism described how a submarine was raised from the waters of the Aleutian Islands near Alaska, decades after cooking stoves were used to support a small business building (and then rust) in the marshlands of Stuart, FL; decades after the Chowchilla incident in California; and many decades after the vessel itself had actually failed to surface.

The slow pace of recovery efforts with regard to the manned submarine remain a mystery unless the a certain type of query process can be eleucidated -- that query process including young (and the very young) minor-age citizens who often have no idea what major political issues must be decided until....decades after the first queries.

In other words, asking innocent children to decide the course of major decisionmaking is one cultural ploy that should be publicly exposed as an active operational rationale that more often than not has 'no action' as a result when those children cannot/do not understand what has happened, nor what the options are when action is required. 'The blood of innocents" refers to both bloodline/lineages/royalty responsible about the uses of unique inventions (such as the submarine) and to the sometimes deadly effects of purposeful adult query directed toward children, also using children as 'mouthpieces' to communicate with their peers.

Quarrels with 'royalty' about how the devices have failed, the guilt of acquisition parties, and lack of real knowledge about actual intended usages versus exploration motives make complicated politics that should not burden the young whose only responses might include "What's a submarine?" as the clock ticks on the wall to both the submerged crew members and all other machine-age human populations. That children are the only innocents among us capable of a humane response is a belief that should be subject to reality checks, as if people die only because they become more and more guilty.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what's legal to you...

is not legal to all.

Yesterday only two motor vehicles seen in the mall-complex areas of SE Monterey Road in Stuart, FL, had front-and-rear license plates -- one from New Jersey and the other from California.