Friday, November 7, 2008

a respectable day at the beach

Having been rudely awakened early in the morning, a short jaunt across the bridges spanning the St. Lucie River and Indian River lagoon had the destination of the Elliott Museum on Hutchinson Island. No one else was viewing the exhibits and an elderly gent gave a talk about the museum's historic automobile collection, which includes hand-crank first-starters and some early Indian-logo motorcycles. The museum also exhibits local art and examples of machine-age ingenuity.

It can be surmised that glass bottles have toppled from their perches along the concrete wall that protects the walkway from the roadway on the bridge over the Stuart Causeway; causeway barrier below the bridge also holds bottles, yet intact. A pair of colorful surf-shorts and pinholed athletic shirt in the street beside the sidewalk were small enough for a toddler, perhaps purposely causing some generalized anxiety as walkers approached the aforementioned bridge.

Today a website entry from Stuart at Jensen Beach, FL, forum, describes a search effort scheduled to find missing Orlando toddler Caylee Anthony, with campsites reserved at a KOA near that city. Local advertising inserts delivered with newspapers also show a mother and very young girl who are printed up as missing persons.

During the return hike over the two bridges, aircraft were seen performing a skywriting air show; they zoomed and rolled from and over Witham Air Field, making smoky-exhaust-origin loops in the air with synchronized flair (including the outline of a heart). The show continued from dusk to early evening darkness, and was followed with booming fireworks displays ob-servable within the Kingswood condo complex.

More tomorrow.

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