Saturday, November 29, 2008

name-use schemes - the "10 years after" deaths

Yesterday's Martin County, FL edition of the 'Hometown News' gives page A2 obituaries that show the names of age-65+ decedents all born in the same general northeastern Canada-New York-New Jersey region, one the afore-mentioned elections-department manager televised using Palm Beach TV station broadcast not a long time ago. The listing reports the latter as having died in hospice -- certainly a sudden change from Martin County employment and celebrity status.

Each of the four decedents bears one or both family names ('first' and surnames) that match in some way or another family names of basketball team members from McKean County, PA, who won a District Nine Championship Title from Pennsylvania decades ago.

Two years ago (the autumn of 2006), a telephone call was made to a Palm Beach television station tip-line so as to describe the lack of mall/plaza sidewalk entryways from roadside sidewalks near age-55+ condominium complexes. Only asphalt roadway entrance is possible as pedestrian activity and is a hazardous sharing of the roadway with vehicular traffic.

With so much already known about the harmful effects of media over-exposure, it's a wonder why the 67-year-old gent with his walker device was the one to be broadcast at work in the Martin County Elections office, when a pre-existing real issue of hazardous pedestrian entry to shop at mall/plaza supermarkets and other stores could have easily been addressed with a photo-sweep of the SE Ocean Boulevard riverside area here in Stuart, FL -- unless he was known to have witnessed the efforts of pedestrians to safely enter the malls/plazas. Now he cannot testify about what he witnessed, and neither can the others.

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