Monday, November 24, 2008

bog blather

o Ahhh... Having googled 'lobster roach' and consulting a number of different websites, their version of 'lobster roach' is nothing whatsoever the same as the creature I saw. The websites give the scientific name as 'Nauphoeta cinera' "aka speckled roach" -- brown beetles that are very similar to any other roach but "do not fly".

The creature that I saw came running out of a boggy thicket near the St. Lucie River here in Stuart, FL using many legs; it was about three inches long and an inch wide, carrying a perfectly rectangular chitinous exoskeleton and was white, matching only the sand in the soil and at the roadside. The extremely visible exoskeleton resembled exactly the underside of a lobster tail, with dense composition and tough ridges spaced about a half- inch apart. If not a metamorphic phase of the regional spiny lobster, it is perhaps a midway stage of hermit crab protective covering -- i.e., a crab that carries a cast-off lobster-tail 'shell' then switches to univalve seashell.

No one is telling me anything.

o Another mystery cigar on the cement lining of the Walgreen's parking lot addressed at the corner of SE Monterey Road and SE Ocean Boulevard here in Stuart, FL, near the drive-through pharmacy entryway (his vote made real?).

o Another angle investigatible about the number of child deaths may be non-public competition to 'broker' the youngest-aged paycheck as a type of family/cultural competition. Yet another may be the wish to teach children to "witness" changes in their environments -- perhaps with intent to socially engineer "witness protection" -- with the result that small children are guided into the paths of other moving people, sometimes with tragic and deadly results.

o Regional TV broadcast publicized the issue of annual school air-raid drills, where teachers, administrators, and children practice ducking out of classrooms into the hallways to lie crumpled against one wall. Judging from history textbooks and other literature, the English as originators of the classroom education system retain a real fear of more bombs dropped on them following the World War bombing of London in the United Kingdom. The anxiety among "bloodlines of teachers" is very real and is communicated to children during close, unavoidable contact.

Other teacher anxiety issues should be easily addressed by the teachers themselves, such as classroom overcrowding. However, it is possible that cartons of milk have been passed out to very young students as a way to alter the physiological responses of children rather than limit the number of children permitted to occupy any given school classroom. How weird!

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