Friday, November 7, 2008

when schools cripple

Fighter jet plane passes sear the morning air here in north Stuart, FL, as preparations for the VNA Air Show continue apace. There is a slight pause during pass near the 'Keller Williams Realty of the Treasure Coast' building on SE Ocean Boulevard; other passes include detectable 'unload' capabilities mid-air over Kingswood condo complex, as if practicing for future Viecques Island bombing exercises in the Caribbean Sea.

Now one of the older propeller planes is soaring around the retirement complexes over Witham Field, heady with a presumed sociopolitical victory that adds extra prison time to convicted felons who harm people over age 65 although/because "equal in the eyes of the law" is the applicable ethic. And, personal power-drilling earlier this morning both handily disturbed the sleep of the severely-traumatized (post CA 'quakes among post-hurricanes here in FL) and warned of the louder action to come.

The local media has featured a different girl named 'Caylee' residing in a different state of FL region who is older than the missing Orlando toddler so publicly addressed each night during the Nancy Grace TV show and who also is handicapped. Other media stories described a boy captured and shackled who did not stay in his assigned school.

Tomorrow is the Air Show and festivities at Withham Field on the other side of Kingswood Terrace Road. Those pedestrians who behave as if the organization's VNA-lettered truck is just another vehicle passing by on the newly-renovated roadway are expected to learn different.

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