Saturday, November 22, 2008


o Miller 'High Life, the Champagne of Beers' has continued its "Limited Edition, Fall Series" "Union Made" aluminum beer cans with a camouflage design.

o Recently, I received a packet of mail from the Teamsters Union offering a loan. Why, I don't know, maybe as a way to merchandise the killed trees as different from the toppled ones 'harvested' this year.

o The Stuart News recently published a photo of a age >five girl named 'Kaylee Allen' who is very similar in appearance to photos of missing tot 'Caylee Anthony'. A professor from the University of Pittsburgh in PA has apparently written up a recitation of possibilities about the personality of "tot-mom" Casey Anthony, with the title 'Casey Anthony: Profile of a Sociopath' viewable at website; various comments are included with the entry that agree or disagree with the 'sociopath' designation, or pen confusion. The Ancientworldbloggers. website lists 'Hugh Cayless' among its contributors.

If the indicted young woman has been hazed enough to become antisocial, there are reasons enough to articulate in the blogosphere if not in court records.

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