Thursday, November 6, 2008

the socipolitical significance of Mount Jewett, PA

This Saturday the Visiting Nurse Association's Air Show is scheduled to perform over Stuart, FL, including other festivities that require a ticket and will feature a Beer Garden and 'Dirty Flight Suit Party', as reported in today's Stuart News. The VNA has its own fairly large building here in the multi-mall area, located a short distance from the YMCA on Monterey Road.

During the past two years there have been a number of small-plane smack-downs in southern FL, including small planes that appear to have fallen from the sky into the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. Just as there is a significant use of the name 'Monterey' in California, small planes making crash landings on roadways have been reported here in FL as well.

The crashes can be linked with more damaging and spectacular phenomena such as the 9/11 World Trade Center collapse in New York with reference to a mental batch of building designs (large and small) that have been erected in a variety of environments with private intent to "corner the market" of trash-compactor sales and service. The business-scheme influence network, busy tracking their own participants and wayward mavericks, has been attempting to film those nearby the 'special' buildings.

In reality, the entire batch of structures which have been erected using a very specific occult design pool, methods and intents should be pin-mapped so as to prevent any more large- or small-scale catastrophes.

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