Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update and Warning

Today's Stuart News journalism gave an update about the voyage of the "youngest Swede to sail across any ocean alone". The only problem mentioned is that "the headstay, a wire that supports the mast, had broken...27-foot...sloop...was eating lunch" and that "a 50-foot whale came very close to the vessel". He stopped in Ireland "after 45 days of non-stop sailing" and still has to go "an 800-mile journey...through the treacherous North Sea". We are not told where the mentor is who made the crossing with him to Florida.

A West Palm Beach television station also broadcast the update. Another story detailed the gripes of beach-goers who encountered fecal matter in the sands, as a public health concern.

Back at Santa Lucea Beach, beachgoers encountered the sight of large triangle-shaped styrofoam pieces strewn along the shoreline and one steaming mound of dog feces. That the styrofoam pieces could be used to simulate false teeth was somewhat elementary, but the significance of the excrement remains obscure.

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