Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another day at the beach

Yesterday was a drive to Fort Pierce, FL, to the Fort Pierce Inlet State Park ($5 entry fee). The sand is fine and white with seashells scattered at the shoreline -- not the foot-crunching pile-ups found on other Atlantic coast beaches. Heart-shaped stones can also be found at this shoreline. It is a haven for surfers who can enjoy warm wave action and a flat beach.

As a coincidence that must be noted, a black rubberoid sandal (otherwise known as a 'flip-flop') was washed up on the Saint Lucie County sand, with live barnacles attached. The coincidence lies in the fact that the beach at Santa Lucea Park in Martin County had a quart-size glass jar washed up on the sand, with rusting lid and live barnacles atttached -- which caused observers to only briefly wonder if the beached black eel was a specimen once confined within glass container.

A lone and small hermit crab was seen drudging across the sand at the inlet park, after a bunch of small sea-grapes were tossed to the entrance at a small-crab tunnel, different crab type. That a variety of shoreline crabs do mingle and associate is characteristic behavior.

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