Monday, May 26, 2008

Jingle Hit

It's news to some people that record factories routinely decision-make using 'freedom of the press', choosing to seize and mass-copy original recordings that come into their premises or route them into other media domains. However, often vital information about such sound recordings is not available or is disregarded or is suppressed such that no truth-in-advertising is given or possible...

which brings us to the 5/24/2008 Stuart News article titled, 'Woman killed while attempting to cross road'. The woman, whose 'last-name' is very similar to that of a male country-western-music performer and music-album theme, "was struck by a 2003 Honda sedan...Both...came to rest on the west shoulder of the southbound lanes...U. S 1 in southern Stuart".

Many populations have been trying during past decades to generate truth-in-advertising ('tia') in the entertainment industry--it is the only industry that has not yet complied with such mandated laws--so as to require album sound-spectrograph tests and polygraph tests for all performers, as well as show-format 'tia' printed with all advertising/notices (e.g., renditions, lip-synchs, parodies).

The killed woman did bear the 'first-name' of a family member AND a fellow public school student enrolled in northwest Pennsylvania public schools; whereas many of us hoped to promote the classmate into legislative position, the family member was sent in instead, causing a political glitch that has not been been resolved...

which brings us to the fact of seized-and-broadcast music, when factories and publishers give themselves permission to take such action, and the definite probability that the Honda music-jingle currently broadcast during televised automobile commercial advertisements is being presented illegally.

..which means that a complicated homicide can be alleged, rather than simple accidental negligence.

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