Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cerebral Crush

Post-hurricanes, an influence-network demand effort has been initiated to expand the regional Indian River Community College (Florida) educational programs into baccalaureate status -- an effort perhaps now possible -- even expeditable -- as a result from populations weakened by the storms. Here as in the northern San Francisco, CA, regions affected by the earthquake of 1989, to those not directly affected the damage has been just something else to clean up and repair, while seasonal residents "wintering" in those regions streamed in during the autumn months the same as they always do.

All such activity brings us to the rush to identify and claim credit when sighting new species within and near the vast and diverse Caribbean Sea ecosphere. Here along the Atlantic coastline yet northward from the Caribbean Sea proper, tourist accommodations have cooperated to claim 'caribbean' as a local keyword within Florida state environs.

The Stuart News, one of the Scripps Treasure Coast newspapers, printed a photo 5/30/2008 (yeterday) of an unusual "fish" observable within neighboring St. Lucie County -- the creature greatly resembles the brown leaf of a regional tree that seems to be cast-off into ocean water. When wading in very shallow shoreline water at a state beach in Fort Pierce, the creature suddenly appeared; at first glance it seemed to be a rounded leaf floating in the water that might settle upon my foot. Then, organism volition was observed during eye-scan toward the super-thin ray-like "fish", and it did indeed fold and float with the water's ebb.

The cerebral crush is happening as mental images are 'collected' during various social settings, some socially-engineered (i.e., potentially causing pain and conflict). I was certainly glad to see a published photo made available as reference, although no scientific or popular nomenclature was included with the prose description.

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