Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Presidential Planning II -- the Criminalization of Teachers

It's no especial secret that some populations hope to initiate a school to prepare candidates to vie to have the title of 'President of the United States of America'; such an accomplishment would establish once and for all the European Presence south of the Canadian border such that their royalty will always have a place in North American politics.

That Arizona's John McCain is campaigning as a political party candidate who might secure enough votes to put him in the U. S. Presidential seat is certainly public information, although a possible hidden motive to regrow his scalp hair has not been divulged.

The hidden motives of school administrations have not yet been presented either in scholarly treatise, although some students know all too well that such state employee populations willingly set up very specific observations of individual students, focusing quite purposefully upon the classroom sitter's active mind/memory contents -- a sort of brain-picking strategy which parents have been helpless to combat or elucidate using complaint procedures. Anyone whose child has been "released" from northern school attendance, as example, to vacation in the tropics knows just how much attention will be focused upon the returning student.

The 'angle of repose' of the subject student can be artfully arranged such that the teacher always has a direct view of both short- and long-term memory, although the alphabetical seating rituals are an attempt to forestall such constant scrutiny.

After discovering and closely examining a tiny oracle-bead artifact in rural Pennsylvania, as example, my student-age brain was filled with memory-images of the world's precious-metal locations -- images that showed the deposits before they were mined-out and that were visible at close range within my occipital-lobe short-term memory. In public school, alphabetical order nevertheless enabled administrators to seat me directly in front of a teacher's desk, only inches from her well-postured personhood, day after day throughout an entire school year such that I could scarcely breath. The position was especially uncomfortable during the winter months; her name was 'Rogers', a name also stamped onto silver-plate eating-utensil flatware, and I had to sit there while my brain was milked. Some students were willing to back me should need be to stave her off with a pencil, but no such action became necessary.

The history of schools and school administration is peppered with incidents where students feel compelled to resist such close encounters, and/or bring a weapon to school. What should have already been mandated, from the most elementary to the most post-secondary educational setting, is that a predetermined distance be established between students and teachers such that minimum health and movement standards are maintained, together with health-conscious maximum numbers allowable within classrooms as a standard protocol never breached.

School should be a protective and enriching experience for children; students should not be a captive audience from whom teachers brain-drain and harvest information for themselves, their families and the school administration. Such adverse phenomena is linked with the eventuality of post-immigrant employees writing other immigrants into the North American countryside, and perhaps should be remedied with nationwide refusal to accept any immigrants at all during extended historical time periods.

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