Friday, May 2, 2008

Anecdote: the Mustard Jar

Aha! Stacked beneath a thorny AND flowering shrub under a stairway are the plastic-like lamplight panes; the 'egg-mass' now appears to be flattened between two of those. As viewed through a pane, the egg mass appears to be luminous but is actually somewhat fuzzy.

A 'house spider' with dangling legs and pinched body resembling the penned visage of Socrates has been choosing various locations within this Kingswood condo to hang around, such places including either bathroom, dining, or porch area. Tired from navigating around the creature, which always returned when routed outside, a washed-yet-fume-filled mustard jar was used to capture-and-release the spider, which has not been seen since. The egg mass appeared soon thereafter, but it appears to be lifeless.

Which brings us, according to some rules of logic, to the issue of telephone-influence calls using elicited words and phrases to set up business enterprises without lobby-law procedures.

Here in Martin County, Florida, there is an office of Wells Fargo Bank that handles mortgages as its business activity. The local newspaper tells us that the overall homebuyer mortgage foreclosure rate is now at an historic statistically-high figure, post hurricanes. There is no published story that explains that the bank was set up in Florida as the result from influence-networking, rather than as a lobby action of the state's constituency -- in other words, some business group wants Fargo in Florida, while perhaps some other culture tried to wash it out.

Does the future hold a planned Presidential slot for the Fargo name, as well?

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