Friday, September 2, 2011

U.S. Set To File Suits Against Big Banks Over Mortgages

U.S. Set To File Suits Against Big Banks Over Mortgages:
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This article presents business-names and terms that also reflect the fact of past observations of multi-species linkages near and around a mucousal-artifact oracle-bead site once intact within northwestern PA mountain range, where a sizeable number of Italianate names also populate the region (e.g., the oracle-bead as a tiny 'sac' of historical content-imagery, visible beneath limestone roadside-rest 'topper' on the bank of a nearby small waterstream) and some presumed 'duty' to send out a janitor rather than an archaeologist.

o  A neighbor's yard now shows some painted-covered grass following a spray-painting session during housing-structure renovation  --  which can mean that a business-domain plant-painting employment action might be initiated elsewhere than these McKean County PA locally-administered oil fields, as a result from pooled 'reports' and 'personnel management' tactics.

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