Sunday, September 11, 2011

"How weird is that?"

Last night September 10, 2011, I checked my AOL 'beadtot' mail folder, reading a lone e-mail that directed me to a 2003 article that described a large number of euros found in Iraq.  Then, I switched to AOL 'Today's News' chat-room where I described the directive with additional "does anyone know why?", followed with 'maybe some pics purpose' chat-line.

Immediately, '1' new mail popped onto the screen in the AOL e-mailbox icon.  I quickly checked to read it only to find another 'no subject' e-mail that, however, had attached pics; previous 'no subject' e-mails ultimately led to a 'free' porno website entry that showed such photos on the home page.  I could download the new-mail pic attachment from the sudden new 'no subject' e-mail, but could/can not open the file to see what the pics are  --  an AOL pop-up requires a membership update, such form even blocking an effort to open the pics file from its desktop-PC saved-on-internal-disk position.

How weird is that?  Plus, they cannot be deleted without a membership update!

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