Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cigarette drops Bradford PA

Water-soaked lengthy cigarette drop, streetside residential waterflow,  Bank St in Bradford PA

This date, truck parked on sidewalk Pleasant St near N Center St corner, and another parked on sidewalk Bank St address  --  during downtown festival hours scheduled.  While walking northward on Davis St from TOPS Market, I was almost hit by a small silvertone car backing from Hotel Holley parking lot; while approaching E/W Washington St bridge moving westward, had to move for a bicycle rider on bridge walkway; later saw a man pushing a woman in a wheel chair almost hit by a similar small silvertone car ( with rear trunktop sissy bar) in the middle of West Washington St across from Country Fair store.
Above photo:  glass beer bottle drops, steps to empty lot Bank St near Pearl St

Clark Bars listed for sale, pictured on p. 35 of The Vermont Country Store ( catalogue dated Fall 2010.  Active/vocal opposition to the mere idea that the confection might be discontinued following a Clark incarceration in San Quentin prison in CA might be occasioning any number of harassment-type deaths here in the 'Clark Lane' area and elsewhere, McKean County northwest PA.

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