Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I remember...

o  Following WICU TV News, Erie PA, description of murder and fugitive, remembered small white truck with OH license plates parked at side Congress Street seen while walking to 9/3/2011 household sale that resembles escape vehicle description.

o  Below:  photo showing narrow, dark-hued nosewax strip (on blue plastic)
The Bradford Era newspaper features the 'To your Health' column by Paul Donohue, that presented question 8/25/2011 "Post-nasal drip is ruining my life...the drip continues no matter how I lie...it's constant and aggravating..." together with answer "Inflammation and swelling of the lining of the nose and adjacent sinuses create thick mucus that perpetually drips down into the throat...is leading cause of a cough...".  If the condition can be re-defined as an engorgement of the lining of the nose and sinuses then such condition might be a signal that the individual human organism is attempting to form an oracle-bead chronicle from a memory overload stored in the brain.  Otherwise such post-nasal drip can only be remedied with a paper tissue at the entrance to one nostril that will absorb the watery/moist drip so that the person can lay on one side of his/her head and sleep until the drip thickens and stops.

o  9/6/2011:  Shattered green glass container in Pleasant Street driveway leading to School Street Elementary School premises should be easily removed but might be there awhile anyway.  Other brown glass bottle shattered near steps at top Mechanic at School Streets.  Dead cat lying supine in Tun'a Creek below Hanley Park near the Davis Street bridge is about the size of a small toddler, on a rock not far from cardboard boxes that remain as placed or fallen into the water weeks ago during Kennedy Street bridge construction project now completed.
 Below:  restored brick sidewalk, Pleasant at N Center Sts near SSES in Bradford PA

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