Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Residential near overpass, ped sign

Above:  Pedestrian warning sign #1, Bolivar Dr at Seaward Ave near Crook Farm and TVT trailheads; and other pedestrian warning sign same intersection, same residential area in Foster Township PA.  Note school bus has no front-bumper license-plate, but does have a front-bumper mechanical safety barrier.

During Jackson Avenue approach northward to Seaward Avenue and Bolivar Drive trailheads alongside Tun'a Creek in Foster Township, removed broken clear-glass Snapple bottle pieces and caps from sidewalk in front of Salvation Army building (former Jewish synagogue), those placed in plastic tortilla bag and carried to  trash can at other Crook Farm trailhead within past Limestone NY (said to be 'absorbed' by Carrollton NY) environs.  Other Tun'a Valley Trail on east bank of creek now has new bridge over tributary waterflow.

Current contemporary thought:  If local Kennedys in McKean County Pennsylvania thought that Hannons should reside near Callahan Park, because their own family name is similar to the Kendall family name (former Kendall Oil Company changed to American Refining Group  in Bradford PA), did that casual agreement  =  the Kennedy assassination in the state of Texas (where Forest Oil Company has operations, there as well as here in the Bradford High Street area) as the result from a telephone demand-call strategy?  Kendall Oil/ARG is said to be the oldest operational oil-refinery in the Americas.

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