Wednesday, June 22, 2011

still walking around, post Cattaraugus County NY

o  The Buffalo News dated 6/18/2011 presented front-page story 'HSBC looks to sell upstate branches' in two sections titled 'Historic ties date back to bank formed here in 1850' and '175 sites include 70 locally' with regard to "London-based HSBC Holdings"..."the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp. bought a controlling interest in Marine Midland Bank in 1980...branches include Marine Midland roots..after its founding in 1850 as Marine Bank..."; "...HSBC has...its regional headquarters in Buffalo...Last month the global bank unveiled a thorough strategic review and restructuring...the largest bank in W New York...35% of the deposit market in the region... ."

The same call-demand influence-networking that orchestrated the HSBC takeover has also caused then tackled the corruption that closed Washington Mutual bank.

o  Again, if my eyes don't deceive me three young boys seen seated in a two-person stroller the early afternoon of 6/20/2011, getting some air near the Family Dollar store, then later seen again being pushed along Barbour Street.

o  AOL Chat last night in the 'Metaphysics' chatroom included input from a chatter who described a WWI era acquisition from a church in Germany as a shotgun/rifle combination with ornate carving.  Description leads to thoughts about its possible theft-status as a possible cause of WWII, with wonder whether a similar possible-theft caused WWI; and the possibility that music attributed to W NY goes to Hamburg, Germany, as a result from gun acquisition without return to Europe.

o  Disposable lighters continue to litter local streets within areas of questionable stability, a white one removed from Center Street sidewalk where somewhat dilapidated wooden houses stand, one such house that displays team affiliation items on the damaged porch, nearby an empty PET milk jug not far from the Choice gas station at corner W Washington Street here in Bradford PA.

[My 'disposable lighter' and 'wooden house' photos are not uploading  --  perhaps I am thought to have an Internet 'Photo Addiction'!  Will try again soon.]

Photos below, after five o'clock p.m. this date:  Wooden house addressed Center St behind Choice gas station premises; white disposable lighter removed from sidewalk Center St near W Washington St; and empty PET milk jug at damaged sidewalk corner, Center at State Sts in Bradford PA.

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