Sunday, June 19, 2011

schedule change -- 'for me'?

Traveled to Olean NY yesterday in a Fullington bus (modern, clean, well-equipped) that stops in South Bradford PA,  meaning a long walk from Pleasant Street along South Avenue to the bus stop, to get an older-model vacuum-cleaner bag at a store addressed W State Street (following letter and telephone contacts).  Travel schedule stubs given/issued last year while making a seasonal walk to Degolia PA do not match the current bus schedule, and yet the bus departed at 10:15 a. m. as printed on one stub; Internet check at Fullington website showed schedule change departing Olean NY to return to Bradford PA as a half-hour difference from last year.

Browsed Olean NY W State St/ N Union St environs  --  making small purchases and a library visit, then Mexican take-out for the bus ride home.  Waited in Lincoln Park for the bus, since Fullington office is located in a small space within limo-service/car service-station business premises  --  then missed the bus departure by minutes.  Then, crossed nearby bridge on Union St to hike along W River Road  -- an enjoyable, warm and sunny walk after harsh wintertime conditions directly beside the guard-railed Allegheny River headwaters.  Walked to Allegany NY (Route 60), then cellphoned a taxi-cab service which carried me in a minivan into Bradford PA  (which also meant my short trip to Olean NY cost almost $70 total).  Some brown beer bottles and lengthy cigarette drops seen in Olean city and alongside W River Rd in Catt County.

More small dead birds, a dead rabbit and a dead skunk encountered alongside Route 60, dead birds on Route 19 westward just outside Allegany NY festival zone (including featherless infant in roadway in front of Creekside Chapel).

Below:  waterstream tree, Allegany NY bridge Cattauragus County NY

Dead deer seen during southward mini-van taxi ride on Route 219 just before Limestone NY, at designated 'Deer Crossing' sign (now a multi-lane residential bypass that ends/narrows into two-lane Degolia PA).

[OMG, lawn mower suddenly active around my Internet typing!]

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