Wednesday, June 8, 2011

South Avenue sights today in Bradford PA

Above:  crumbling concrete post one block from Kane Street; child's shoe and fungi beside roadway; enlarging potholes South Bradford PA, beer bottle on corner private property in Bradford city PA.

Walked Blaisdell-Emery TVT from Owens Way in South Bradford to Custer City PA, then returned to Bradford via S Avenue from East Warren Road near Shepherd Run waterstream.  Passed small oil-industry museum, looking out for bear featured on front page Bradford Era a week ago.  Many small blue and yellow flowers, some orange others white-cluster.  Many fresh-water snails cruising the TVT, and frogs jumping into roadside water-filled shallow ditches among small black tadpoles.  TVT posted 'no motor vehicles' and monitored; one noisy gas-smelling small motorbike passed through canopy anyway.

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