Friday, June 17, 2011

not quite a scam, but "they didn't want to do it"

Received an "IMPORTANT BULLETIN" in the mail from the United States Commemorative Gallery, "a private gallery not affiliated with the United States Government or any Government Entity"  --  my chance to get an Abraham Lincoln Golden Dollar, said to have "already dramatically increased in value by 295%".  The 'Presidential Golden Dollars' are the result from telephone call-demand influence-network using replies demanded through the telephone; because the PGDs were my idea apparently verified during other [nonvoluntary] poll activity, they now exist and I get a special price along with others who also thought those might/should be initiated.

However, it should be known that the value increases appear to be dictated, also as a result from call-demand m. o.,  and therefore are not serendipitous or any indication of the coin issue's actual 'want' factor  --  in other words, a value increase can be exact as a result from influence-networking among people who do not want themselves/loved ones to be injured/killed or disappeared.

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