Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday afternoon trudge

Left poetry CD at public library, received in the mail from Famous Poets Society  --  how weird is this, my poem submitted titled 'Little Baby Foster' is printed on the opposite page from the Bible's 'Lord's Prayer' within the chapbook version of the anthology, its totality titled 'Famous Poets of the Heartland'.  Brown-glass beer bottle in snowbank outside BAPL premises; ice-sheets on buildings across from BAPL, other side Tun'a Creek in Bradford PA.

Walked to Post Office, where brown-glass 'Genny' bottle is lying in snowbank beside Davis Street parking lot.  Inflated Christmas-theme yard/lawn-figurines are flattening throughout the city, no doubt including one blow-up snowman decoration that continuously and noisily scattered snow within its bottom-section interior.

'Do Not Enter' signs posted now at Pearl Street intersection here in Bradford PA, with pre-existing STOP-sign yet in place.  Other 'Bud Light' bottle in snowbank on Pleasant Street (again this year) near corner N. Center Street.

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