Sunday, December 26, 2010

the past continues in the present

o  This past week, streambed disc first seen from the Mechanic Street bridge this past April 23, 2010, now appears as a shadowed metal hub-cap-type disc lying in the Tun'a Creek waters just north of the E Washington Street bridge  --  taking quite awhile to move the two city-blocks distance and perhaps instrumental in the breakup of furniture discarded in streambed near the Mechanic Street bridge (planned destruction or not).

o  Watch out for people moving on bridge walkways in wheelchairs  --  seen both in 'big-time' south Florida river/ocean environs but also here in Tun'a Creek area, Bradford Pennsylvania, singly or multiples.  The wheelchairs are motorized, but at least one elderly woman has fallen off a Martin County, FL, bridge (reported; pedestrian movements can stop the wheelchairs on sidewalks, and set them spinning in their tracks.

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