Tuesday, December 21, 2010

eclipse yes, snow-clouds obscuring yes

A lunar eclipse was visible here in the Tun'a Valley area of northwest Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountain range as predicted (at www.blogcritics.org, Sci/Tech section)...with intermittant snow clouds moving rapidly southward that completely blotted the phenomenon during the final phases of shadowing.  The temperature was below 20 degrees F all night.

Interesting additional phenomena included reflections of the full moon as seen through sliding-glass door, with exact multiple reflections that dwindled downward uniformly in size (pattern seen in finger-ring size-templates, as example), and the shadowed lunar-eclipse crescent-moon phase reflections also dwindling downward uniformly in size.  (Reflection-patterns also seen in classic outer-space cartoons that feature 'flying saucers' with lighted midsections according to artistic perspective.)  Cameraphone photos made while lying flat on back, on floor inside Pleasant Street home, show the optical illusions.

Afternoon entry:

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