Thursday, December 23, 2010

pre-holiday observances

o  Jeep Laredo parked on asphalt beside School Street Elementary School has rear vehicle license-plate covered with semi-opague/translucent pane that appears to be white/blank when seen from some pedestrian  perspectives; no front license plate; adjacent vehicle has snow-covered license-plate.

o  Icicle with significant-sized diameter yet blocking sidewalk in a perpendicular way alongside N Center St at Cole Avenue.

o  Potholes in intersection/crosswalk north side School Street at Pearl Street.

o  Late morning snowplowing in driveway here at Pleasant Street address, not quite necessary yet quite sudden.  'BRMC'-lettered mid-sized truck with attached front snow-plow also lacks front license-plate (not really "safety first"?) seen near USPO on Boylston Street.

o  Slightly rusted TOPS shopping cart standing at entrance to public library addressed W Washington Street, a few yards from Tun'a Creek and creekside barrier.

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