Tuesday, September 15, 2009

wow it's back

o August 20, 2009: The brown manila envelope has returned to the Kcc mailbox, and my father carried it into the condo the second time within a few days. Knowing that the stamp company routinely sends stamps 'on approval' which must be returned to the company, a 'New Poll' entry was made at http://www.topix.net/ that asks a list of questions about the stamp company's operational methods. This time I dated and dumped the envelope into the Ocean East Mall mailbox receptacle as originally planned.

This learned after return from a trip to the Blake library, a stop made only because a lawn worker was busily and noisily clearing excess leaf cover from the Eagle's Nest minipark, where I hoped to sit in the shade at the picnic table and make some more notes from some past issues of the Stuart News. Waiting in the Blake Library I read the Sunday issue of the Palm Beach Post, then walked across the new four-lane plus center 'loggerhead' area to sit in the minipark. The usual biker, walker and driver crowd passed through and by while I made notes from a January 2009 issue of the Hometown News that described 'police report' incidents which included the name of a local man whose name ('Hoskinson') was very similar to the name of a young man recently reported as "shot" ('Hutchinson') within close vicinity to that very neighborhood zone. [Also within past months a prominent Stuart News story described bestiality accusations made against a man claimed to have had sex with a horse.]

A torn AA battery was found alongside the curb near the minipark; a length of rusting heavy-duty hanger-wire was coiled in the middle of SE Monterey Road between minipark and library as if it was some kind of hot-plate project, and I was a close-call from being hit by a car turning onto the new road after again sighting the 'man-and-the-little-black-truck'. More small automotive clips and screw-type items were found and kicked from the bicycle lane.

o August 21, 2009: A return trip to the minipark was initially a bit crowded with a few young men conferring about the recent death in the shade of the small but well-landscaped local haven. I made some photos of the cement slab picnic-table support because some kind of saying was carved in it, and the bench where I had sat the previous day appeared to be altered with some kind of brute force movement. The Eagle's Nest minipark was rife with small red ants that day, and the young men were glad to move elsewhere; the ants crawled on the skin of my legs and bit me when I resisted, then were flicked off using fingernails while sitting in the shade which for some reason guaranteed their attention (while sitting in the full sunlight would guarantee a painful sunburn).

A thunderstorm was happening elsewhere in the west, while Stuart remaind clear and sunny.

While returning to Kcc along KTR, a small snake was seen in the bushes at the corner sidewalk that runs a short distance along KTR from Monterey Road, said serpent resembling the snake previously seen at the entrance-walk to the west island beneath the Lyons Bridge (and snakeskin seen a day earlier remained beneath a bush nearby). This snake appeared to be immobile and 'bent'/pinched in a peculiar way near its anal/tail area; tail-shedding lizards were all around the snake, and only a few ants gained access to the stupified body of the small serpent. Another, slightly bigger snakeskin was lying on the roadway within Kcc near one of the complex's swimpools within closest proximity to the KTR entry/exit.

A 'flock' of dragonflies hovered over and around me as I walked along KTR, and a pair of eagles was testing more dead tree-limbs that might bring another total dead tree falling across the slough waters. Many large white mushrooms were growing in a business-premises sidewalk-side yard near Monterey Commons, and for the second time one was lying on the sidewalk (to take?). As I entered Kcc, the same black fly encountered on the trail alongside the retention pond focused continuous attention my way, and again was necessarily swatted. A large 'spray' of blood-red flowers was lying in the grass near the boundary fence with Vista Pines condo complex, resembling some kind of squid or octopus with flowery suckers.

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