Saturday, September 19, 2009

ce appelation tres differente

Find the sheaf bug.

The Stuart News dated 4/19/2009 gives us, 'Bagworms are occasional Florida garden pests' from Carol Cloud Bailey, 'The Yard Doc'. I prefer the term 'sheaf bug' because the bagworms appear here in Kcc after the grass is cut, crawling over and among the oozing blades of grass, and the little catepillar inside the 'sheaf' peaks out to reconnoiter. I have captured a few views from the little vinyl cool pool; they behave to some extent in a similar way to hermit crabs but have the one-upsmanship of the self-made 'bag". The bugs as a general orientation seek out iron and can be found with bags attached to screening and near other wiring, as well as on stucco and cut wood. The bags are also abandoned and have a simlar appearance to cut-grass 'shake' that is spun-off from lawn-mowers and adheres to walls and other structures.

As anyone who as seen a split caterpillar can divine, the bag protects them from overt handling and manipulation. Little moths appear, just as 'The Yard Doc' says. Dousing them with pesticides seems sacreligious.

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