Friday, September 25, 2009



August 27, 2009: Light-blue metal plate within intersection of Sewall's Point Road and A1A/SE Ocean Boulevard, Sewall's Point between the Crary and Lyons Bridges; plus two black-painted small metal ribbon-type clasps, flattened, one on Crary Bridge walkway and other at intersecton Sewall's Point Road and A1A. Two small pieces of brown beer-botle glass on west access island below Lyons Bridge, occasioning discard into trash receptacle and rest at picnic table. Green glass pieces along south shoreline remained in water as observed during previous visits and were picked up to toss in trash receptacle. Short, hard once-bags of cement lie intact or broken along the water line, resembling tombstones.

One lone soccer ball and a golf ball lay near mangrove cluster. Ospreys with other young birds scoped out seeds and other goodies in backpack. Some sprinkles of rain fell earlier in the afternoon, followed sunny and bright skies -- a change from a morning of overcast, cloudy conditions. Small pieces of clear bottle-glass also remained where previously encountered during walk to/from west island minipark area beneath the Lyons Bridge. Brown beer-bottle glass also found broken on rocks beside bridge support structure nearby non-grabbable part of same bottle visible between some other rocks.

A 'jack-of-all-trades' heavy-metal pice of equipment was protected beneath the Lyons Bridge yet seemed out-of-place where nearby some feces lay in the sand that appeared to be dog droppings, as focus or just more confusion for hurricane survivors. Rainshowers fell during the late afternoon. while I was making notes from newspapers-of-the-past-months at different picnic table locations on the island. Loud smackdown 'bang' from thunderclouds overhead after return from west island to Kcc.

Green Rolling Rock beer bottle in field. Tiny bleached true crab carapace about one inch diameter again sighted and packed out of the park. Oyster shells with ultra-thick layers lay strewn about, one with concave depression resembling a small food-mortar to grind grain; plus one corn-cob without kernels. Duh.

8/28/2009: Soaking in the vinyl cool-pool beneath the shade of Kcc trees, a later afternoon thunderstorm dumped rain upon northeast Stuart, FL, with wind blowing first north then south within a time-interval change of minutes. Long green seed pods are forming in the overhead tree growing feathery leaf-cover beside the condo unit; one long brown pod still hanging. The spectre of worms and lizards eating each others' tails, then regenerating, was not an easy thought-pattern to mentally disperse.

8/29/2009: Thunder rumbles for hours, that are heard to be the natural precursors to modern explosive fireworks displays and other controlled atmospheric phenomena, with continuous lightning visible from afar.

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