Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a different kind of code-talking

The Stuart News dated 1/28/2009 presents an article with a different kind of code-talking:

'ARC receives a $10,000 grant', "...Tau grant from Allegheny Franciscan Ministries to fund the Alternative Behavioral Learning Environment program...people with developmental disabilities...improving overall health status of individuals...AFM, Inc. is a nonprofit organization...". Encoded within this jargon is the possibility that the money can be used to set up and install solar-power fans to cool cars/trucks so that any person opting to remain in a vehicle -- especially small children with limited social skills facing crowded shopping malls -- will not be subjected to high-temperature death during habitat observation/learning time within a parked vehicle.

Who doesn't remember curiousity positively indulged while sitting alone or with siblings in a parked car, or getting some needed sleep, with the windows open while parents shopped? In northern climates, summertime childhoods always included such learning time. In sub/tropical environments (where the competition can be fierce), solar-powered fans can guarantee that heat-related disabilities will be prevented where children are safer outside or preferential about sallies into commercial malls and plazas (etc.), and locked vehicle doors/windows are also a safety option. The family dog or other creature-companion can also rest assured that s/he will not be baked or boiled-in-their-own-secretions alive within an automotive vehicle.

Who will give AFM a call about this issue?

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