Monday, September 14, 2009

a mystical and sudden round-trip

o August 18, 2009: More literature than bargained for from a popular stamp-sales company, so off to the Ocean East Mall postal container to return the brown envelope without opening it, "return to sender" carefully printed on the front with the date. However, why not take the packet directly to the USPO during such a pleasant day, less the extra load for the carrier who already had delivered it to the condo address? Walking through and bypassing the mall outside postal-bin, note was made of a heavily rusted large squarish trash container located behind the Martin County Administrative Building, yet standing and in use beside a new one, just across the roadway from Walgreens' rear wall.

Proceeding in the usual way across Monterey Road and onto 10th Street via a newly-reconstructed wooden footbridge over a sometimes water-filled slough, more note was made of a slender black, battered metal rod about nine inches long with a screw hole in the middle, lying in the cross-street entry/exitway road at Parkway Avenue between Palm Beach Road and a school zone, nearby a newly-renovated power plant installation. A cracked concrete ground support slab was painted yellow at a bus bench area near Forest Lane; it was the crack that was outlined with yellow paint, as a caution and reminder to step carefully. The Pine School is located among addresses including a church and facilities for the aged.

The previously observed small black truck was found parked in a resident yard beside a small house alongside 10th Street; a small puddle of automotive fluid was visible in the yet-new asphalt of Taylor's convenience store. Beginner-style screened porches evident among the 10th Street homes are attached to longhouse-style cement-block dwellings.

After dumping the brown envelope into a bin within the interior of the USPO on Johnson Street, a side street led to Colorado Street past the pond where a few clawed (!?) turtles one large and others small surfaced to accept some sunflower seeds during a rest stop to sit on one of the convenient wooden benches, beside some white birds with extremely long curved orange beaks.
A nasty-looking orange stingered fly lay on the sidewalk near the intersection with Colorado Street, easily snatched up with grip upon wing and tossed into oxygen-bearing grass.

The Colorado Street roadway leading over a narrow, channeled creekbed showed a small mammal pelt that appeared to be that of a young raccoon and was removed from the busy street then placed in the corner section of a concrete/metal railing beside the sidewalk, at a grassy/bushy property line area overlooking that-day's rivulet of water moving from one branch of the St. Lucie River to the other through the city environs. Very noisy insect vibes were evident throughout the entire walk all along 10th, Florida and Johnson Streets; during the brief rest at the USPO pond; and northward on Colorado Street to Ocean Boulevard at intersection dubbed 'Confusion Corner'. There is a SafeSpace Thrift Shoppe addressed on Colorado Street that has the air of an old-fashioned parlor.

After another brief rest on a bench in Memorial Park, Ocean Boulevard (across the street from Wachovia Bank), small (about two inches long) heavy-metal bars found weeks ago were placed in a standing trash can there (one automotive clip-type, broken; the other with the appearance and consistency of heavy magnetic tape). Building progress continues beside 'old' middle school that has plants growing through its front retaining wall, all windows closed-curtained prior to the beginning of the new school year very soon.

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